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Tooting one’s own horn is not the favorite pastime of some of us, so I asked some folks who have taken my classes to comment about them to share with those of you who have never heard of me, or my workshops.

Jill Berry is a multifaceted human being who teaches her art classes in such a way that curious students are able to find their own creative paths.  Jill provides a nurturing environment and offers materials and techniques that encourage participants to get out of their own way to let the creative juices flow.  After the first day of my first class with Jill, I reflected that we would all be different (and better) human beings if we could have had her influence early in our lives.  Jill’s teaching and presence make it possible for students to find those surprises hidden in the recesses of their own potential expressions.

In the end, of course, there are no words for it…

Pamela Metz, Educator

Jill Berry gives new meaning to the word “Workshop;” sadly, “Funshop” is not yet in the language. I have taken other book-making workshops, and have enjoyed them, but Jill made the process so much easier than it has ever been for me. Whether it is because her instructions were easy to understand, or because she is enormously talented and competent herself, or because of the spirit of cooperation she instilled in the class, our books went together like happy little sprites just waiting to please their creators.
– Mary Redenius, artist, calligrapher
I consider Jill Berry’s The Painted Page Workshop in Taos, New Mexico at the TIA to be one of the best that I have participated in many years. Her creative energy which inspired and motivated us along with her extensive technical knowledge which she shared with us kept me excited about the painted page and all the possibilities it had for me as an artist and art educator.
– Dan Dakotas, Artist, Educator

Jill is a creative teacher extraordinaire! She unabashedly shares her knowledge, techniques, tips and delightful sense of humor with her students. She is motivational and upbeat. She provides highly effective group instruction as well as patient,  detailed individual attention to all students, equally.
-Libby Rehm


Jill makes sure you wind up with completed projects from her classes. They aren’t necessarily precisely done because you are working fast on them but they are perfect templates/samples for your own work later on. Why are you working fast? Because she always has extra projects for the fast workers and you want them all! totally solicited testimonial from Susan Madden, can be quoted, requested donation of $50,000 will be gratefully accepted


If you’re looking for a fun, project filled workshop where you actually complete a gorgeous piece of artwork, this class is for you.  Whether it’s working with paper, bookboard, paints, leather or metal, Jill’s projects are unique, fun and beautiful.  I always have her workshop schedule on my “favorites” list and try to fit one into my schedule each year. Don’t every underestimate what you can do if you are presented with the right creative opportunity.  Jill’s classes deliver what they promise, and I have never been disappointed in the results.
-Kay McMillan, Boulder, Colorado. Has attended Jill’s classes in Golden, Colorado, Taos, New Mexico, and Estes Park, Colorado.

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