Personal Geographies: Mapping Your Life (1-3 days)

Humans have making maps for thousands of years: it is an urge some of us can’t resist.  Using collage, illustration, journaling, paint, paper and other mixed media, we will create “maps” of our life experience. These maps of the imagination can record our journeys of the past, future, backyards, hopes, dreams, and mythological places. We will make varied maps and a case to contain them, and discuss the historical and contemporary treatments of maps and mapmaking.



Visual Journaling (1-3 Days)

Come to class ready to create with paper and paint, collage, stamps, stencils, and more. Work on drawing and doodling skills, creative color use, expressive alphabets, and placing and designing text. Design and construct a unique hardbound, blank journal and then work on enhancing it, all the while tapping into your imagination, daydreams, and—yes—creativity. The pages you make become personal places for you to experiment, dream, think, and explore. Discuss ways to use your journal when traveling, how to come up with ideas when you think you have none, and even how to “lower your standards,” which is essential to practicing art on a daily basis.

Cha-Cha Journals


Spontaneous Deconstructed Journal (1-2 days)

This class is about really, really easy journaling. Single flat pages are the starting point, simple yet dynamic journaling techniques are applied, and a spontaneous, free-thinking playful approach make this journal one you will return to, over and over. We will include text about what we are seeing and hearing, both in class and out, then add map-making, wax rubbings, painted tissue collage, pochoir, funky-doodle text and page design on the fly. We will learn about listening, seeing, and being in the moment without censorship. Spontaneity is the key; just get it down! Collect doodles and signatures, make class notes, and record the weather all on these pages. I will show you how to get the basics quick and embellish later. When the stack of pages is finished, we will bind them into a book and make a soft case for it. Your enchanting Artfest experience will be contained inside. This is the perfect technique for an event like this or for travels, since everything you need fits in a zip lock bag!


5 Books in One Day/10 Books in Two Days (1-2 days)

This is the perfect class for the beginner or the book addict. In this high paced class we will learn the fundamentals of book crafting, and then proceed to make five different books. The structures will be varied to cover many techniques, and we will talk about content ideas for each one. I love to make books, and especially to make them well, so craftsmanship and creativity go hand in hand in this workshop. You will leave learning how to make these books in all sizes and varieties and for many purposes. I have 55 structures and do many variations on this class.


Book of Now (2 days)

Come to this class with intention: intention to celebrate the place and the time that is Now. Through poetry, drawing, rubbings and other visual exercises, we will create a series of pages that contain appreciation, attention and awareness of the place where we are, both mental and physical. Using our surroundings and calling up inner awareness, we will adorn paper that will turn into the pages of our book.


Some of the time will be spent working alone, some with the partnership of other participants. Collaborative art brings something to the table that is fresh and new, and adds greatly to our experience as both beginners and experienced artists. We will work on pages as a group, and share the results.


The Dance of Structure and Content for the Artists’ Book (2 days)

The process of planning and executing a handmade book can be one of the most satisfying art experiences, or it can be a job that never gets done. We will use exercises in developing a relationship between what you have to say, and how to say it within the confines of the book structure, with the goal that the structure, palette and content are happily married in the end. You will leave as an artist, ready for the next inspiration.


All the Elements (2 days)

This class tries to do it all: drawing, binding, designing, and applying symbolic language to a contemplative composition. We will create an illustrated page that will transform into folios that are bound into a book made of all the basic elements: wood, stone, thread, metal and paper.

Using symbolic language from many samples that are provided, we will draw a freeform or mandala design with water based media. We will incorporate an implied story into the page, with layers of color and line. We will then tear the master page down into folios for our illustrated book, and stitch the pages into the wooden spine, embellished with stone beads and metal. There is no drawing experience necessary, really. You will be working with a visual language that comes from many of the areas of the world: Afrikan symbols, rock art, cave drawings, hobo glyphs and hieroglyphics. In the end you will have a beautifully bound and illustrated book, completely original.


Wearable Books (1-2 days)

Adorn yourself with art! There is a long history of books as adornment, sometimes slung around the belt or on a short cord, often with text of a spiritual nature. In this class we will take a contemporary approach to an ancient idea by making three small boxes and pouches, which enclose tiny books. The techniques that will be used include box making, simple stitching, beading and book making. The books are three different structures, small enough to contain a short quote, a tiny photo, or the autographs of famous people that happen by.


Painted Story Books (2-3 days)

Artists’ books are a synthesis of every art form I have ever tried: drawing, painting, journaling, photography, poetry and storytelling. In this class we will begin by painting pages with all sorts of mediums, languages and hues. We will then transform our painted pages into books that will contain our words and pictures. Content, composition, palettes, craftsmanship, and creativity are all a part of this way of working, and we will discuss effective techniques in each area. Depending on the energy level of the crowd, we will make five artists’ books, maybe more!


One Page Wonders (3 hours to 2 days)

It is amazing what can be done with one page and some imagination. This class is speedy and satisfying, because you actually come home with ten small books you can easily make again. These forms are perfect for the classroom or small editions, because you can easily decorate them and adorn them with text, then copy them. They can each be made with a standard size of paper. Paper Wizardry is what this could be called-you will feel so clever at the end.


Pivoting Pochoir Gallery Book  (1 day)

Description of workshop: Pochoir is the French word for stenciling, a form of coloring pictures that dates to a thousand years ago in China, and was a style used in the modern day by Joan Miró and Pablo Picasso. It is a luscious way of working, with very simple tools.


In this class we will create our own stencil symbols, and use layers of dye inks to develop this exquisite style of illustration. The piece we create will be deconstructed, then mounted on the pivoting panels of this book structure designed by Hedi Kyle, a paper engineering genius. The body of it is one piece of paper attached to cover boards. If time permits, we will embellish the cover with an inset design and add text to our pages with stamps.


Charming Books (1 day)

Some of us are enchanted with things that are small, some of love charms. For me, it is both.  These four pieces are icons I love: a house, a bird, a magi and a book, and all are tiny charms with content. Each can be read as a book of sorts, yet they are only 1½” tall at the most. We will use wire, polymer clay, fabric, beads, paper and copper to make these four charming books, and you will learn the techniques to make that possible. We will discuss poetry and other content ideas for the books, and ideas about working with text. You will make two scroll books, a stitched book and a fan book, all four of which you can attach as charms on a bracelet or a neckpiece.


Copper Piano Hinge Book (3 hours)

I invented this small book years ago at Ghost Ranch to use up bits of copper and papers I had on hand. It is super easy to make, requires no special tools, and can be used as a book, a pin or a pendant.

We will construct the book with copper covered boards and make a small text block for the inside. The front cover will be illustrated with the stylus and adorned with a hanging charm. The inside will have a foil symbol title page, with a few pages to insert the text of your choice.






Contexture (1- 2 days)

Con— Latin for with or together

Context: The words before and after a word or passage in a piece of writing that contribute to its meaning [Latin com- together + texere to weave]

Texture—tex·ture  (tkschr) noun:The quality given to a piece of art, literature, or music by the interrelationship of its elements.


Have you ever tried this? Just setting a tool to paper and set out wildly writing? It is journaling on steroids, a way of both releasing and capturing what you have to say. Contexture is the word I coined for working this way: adding context, text, and texture together. Working with words of our own, or small poems and stories that are provided, we will journal, scribble and visually record letters on pages with paints, pencils and inks. Using various sources for inspiration, we will abstract the alphabet into writing that provides context for what we may make with it, and texture to excite our eyes. We will then work with the patterns and spaces, adding color and detail to adorn our pages.


These papers can be incorporated into journals or books, or framed just as they are. The surface remains soft and velvety, despite the many layers we may use, so you can even fold them down into books if you like. A little bit of scribble, a touch of calligraphy (although no calligraphic experience is necessary), and a whole lot of fun.


Inventing Alphabets


Flexible Text (1-2 days)

Class Description: Do you want to make flowing and interesting letters without studying formal calligraphy? There are easy and fun ways to make letters, wonderful letters, in your journals and artwork. We will experiment with all kinds of lettering ideas, including inventing alphabets that work with your personal artistic style. I have met so many people who refuse to write in their handmade journals because they don’t like their writing, and I truly believe this is a problem that can be overcome, far more easily than you might think. I have been trained in formal calligraphy, but rarely use it because I prefer to work this way. We will end up with a sample book with black and white pages full of how-tos that you can use as a reference, or pages in your journal with everything you need to do the funky letter dance!


Abstracting Poetry (1-2 days)

Class Description: Poetry became a regular part of my art practice about ten years ago, when I finally discovered Wendell Berry, William Stafford, Octavio Paz and other writers who spoke to me through their work. Writing poems abstractly is meditative for me, and a style of mine that gets more comments that others. Using alternative tools, we will take a poem of your choice (I will bring many to choose from) and use varied techniques to abstract the letters to make textured words on pages. This is a practice for people who love letters, words, inks, tools and paper, as they all come together in a textured composition. You will try writing with clam shells, pens, found objects, calligraphy tools, inks and some crazy pencils. We will end up with a sample book of varied techniques of lettering using one single poem or phrase.


Sumptuous Sumi and Other Stories (1-2 days)

I use a lot of paper and I like to paint my own. Sometimes I journal all over it and then paint over the top.  Sometimes I use symbols or abstract marks and put layers on top of that. Often I use sumi ink, a very black and smooth ink to add a special graphic dimension to my work. Sumi makes very fine and subtle marks on the paper, which is why it headlines in the eastern tradition of calligraphy.


This class is about my process, using sumi, acrylics, paste, pastels, pencils, words, symbols and layers to create the papers I want to use in my art. They are very non-traditional paste papers (although I don’t always use paste), and can be used anywhere decorative paper is called for.


We will try exercises that I developed to get different effects on the paper, and then tear down some of the sheets to show the magic of using these sheets. What is “to much preciousness” turns into just the right touch when the sheets are torn down into small books, cards and collage. You will also receive how-to instructions with labels for your papers, resources for the materials we use, and a mark-making kit to keep.


The Painted Page (1-5 days)

You are invited to play with color, paper, texture, paints, and patterns in a room full of other enthusiastic painters. We will use our fingers, sticks, sponges, stencils, crayons, pastels, and imaginations to create unique papers to use in any way we like. The papers end up with layers of lovely textures, while retaining a soft, velvety surface, perfect for making books, text pages, cards and collage. We will work with colors, neutrals, contrast, and how to avoid making mud. You will also receive how-to instructions with labels for your papers, resources for the materials we use, and a mark-making kit to keep. Make a mess, enjoy yourself and end up with a stash of papers uniquely your own.


Magical Midnight Stories (1-2 days)

Think of the night sky; its colors are varied, rich, and luminous. In this class will explore the “dark side” of color, painting on black paper and using all sorts of mediums to capture the Art of Darkness, including pencils, bleach, paint, watercolor, acrylics and various other products. Experiment with paints you have never tried, make pictures, textures, and dream imagery on the velvety surface of this paper.

When our experimenting is done, we will bind the pages into a four section book with no beginning and no end. The book will fit into a small painted case, and will be filled with samples woven into the pages. The final treat of this class is that you will not use glue! All the parts and pieces will be woven, stitched and folded into our book of the night.



Three Letter Words (1 day)

Some words are mighty although only three letters; SKY, ALL, NOW, YOU. These words call up imagery the second you hear them. The “NOW” I painted here is my current life; two kids, housework, a musician husband, growing things, wisdom, adventure, and my village. It can also be WON or OWN if I shift the letters around. It is a good word for me; something I need to remind myself to tend.


In this class, we will transfer (or you can make your own) letterforms to small canvas, and add imagery that calls to you. The technique we will use is dry brush, and involves painting the negatives instead of the positives. It is a silhouetting of sorts, since black is the background and we will paint around it to make the letters and images. This is an illustration technique that is handy to know because it is a fast and easy way to work, and a good exercise in seeing shapes. Our palette will be limited, as will our vocabulary of images, so you can easily do this in one day.



Dream Houses (1 day)

I am a bit obsessed with houses: they frequently show up in my journals and dreams. Fortunately for me, the house is a versatile symbol. In the tradition of gospel music, houses are metaphors for our physical selves, containers for the worldly. Houses also represent place, sanctuary, and family.


In this class, we will construct two small houses with photos of someone we know (or don’t) as a focus in the portal. We will add a copper foil roof and base to the substrate that holds the house. Using paper, charms, bits of ephemera and beads, we will decorate the house to honor the resident. We will then draw and write on the copper, whatever adds to the story of this particular house, adding patina to age the roof and floor. Text can be added, or ribbons of wire mesh around the portal, drawings of floor plans, letters from home: we will keep going until the story is that of your own Dream House.


In This Case (1 day)

Special trinkets and jewelry pieces deserve special packaging, and this class will teach you all you need to know. We will make and adorn boxes and cases for small pieces, and learn to make green packaging for your environmentally aware giftees. All of the structures can be made different sizes to accommodate your pieces that are snuggled inside. We will paint some papers to use, and cut up cereal boxes, wrap small bouquets and make paper beads. Your packaging may become as popular as your product using these techniques!


Make a Scene (3 hours)

Do you remember those Easter eggs with the little villages inside? There is something so enticing about these small three-dimensional scenes. Using watchmaker’s tins, we will create layers of photos, found objects, ephemera, beads, sticks, or any small item that enhances your subject. We can then wrap the outside with text, maps or paper and voila, you have an enchanting small tunnel scene to hang on the wall or by a ribbon. Come spend an evening inventing reality “Make a Scene”!


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