21 Secrets! The Secret is Out!

I am very happy to announce that I will be a part of this wonderful team 21 SECRETS FALL 2014 ARTISTS!

21 SECRETS is a fun and inspiring approach to learning art journaling techniques, proccesses, and methods from a team of diverse teachers without ever leaving home!  This downloadable eBook is packed with videos, full color photos, and loads of instruction that is all yours to keep and access any time you wish! 21 SECRETS Fall is a downloadable eBook packed with art journaling workshops that include videos, photos, and instructional content that is yours to keep and will be released on October 1st–perfect timing to keep you inspired and your hands busy until 21 SECRETS Spring comes out again in April 2015.

Plus, to show our appreciation for supporting 21 SECRETS we are offering HUGE discounts to the first 500 members that register with our Early Bird Sale that is starting today!  The earlier you sign up though, the bigger the deal!  So don’t wait! Last 21 SECRETS Early Bird Sale sold out in less than 48 hours!

If you click on the logo below, I will get credit for the sign up, so I am hoping you do that and join me for a romp around CreativeLand with 20 other teachers!



Amanda Knapp :: http://greatliveoak.wordpress.com/

Bebe Butler :: http://bebebutler.com/

Brian Kasstle :: http://apaperbear.wordpress.com/

Carolyn Dube :: http://acolorfuljourney.com/

Cathy Bluteau :: http://cathyb.typepad.com/

Dion Dior :: http://www.diondior.com/

Donna Mulholland :: http://creativity-matters.weebly.com/

Erica Simpson :: http://e-everydayart.com/

France Papillon :: http://www.france-papillon.com/

Jamie Ridler :: http://jamieridlerstudios.ca

Jill Berry :: http://jillberrydesign.com/

Karen Michel :: http://karenmichel.com/blog/

Kate Robertson :: http://thequeenofcreativity.blogspot.com

Kimberly Davis :: http://www.riverstonestudio.com

Kristal Norton :: http://kristalnorton.com/

Latisha Guthrie :: http://herbmother.com/

Lauri Grimshaw-Cox :: http://lauricox.me/

Michelle Turbide :: http://www.artandsouljourney.com/

Rachel Urista :: http://rachelurista.wordpress.com/

Sheri Ponzi :: http://www.paintingherselfintobeing.com

Veronica Funk :: http://www.veronicafunk.com/


21 Secrets is founded and hosted by http://www.dirtyfootprints-studio