Mother Nature as Medicine

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I have struggled a great deal in the last year and have spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to feel better, both mentally and physically. Fortunately for me I have opportunities to see and experience a lot of Mother’s Natures’ greatest works, and that, to so many of us, is huge medicine. Sometimes I get stopped in my tracks by the beauty painted in the sky, along the road or even in my back yard. Then I breathe it in, all the colors, textures and intense perfection and I step forward.

One dark and foreboding day I feeling particularly down and went to see my wonderful therapist. Just after leaving her office, the clouds near where I was started to part. I looked over at the mountains and literally gasped. I pulled over and took this picture.

I literally wander around sometimes seeking beauty, like a drug. I think this man might have been doing the same.


My wonderful long-lasting fabulous friend Lori and I have adventures, this winter in wine country at her brother’s house.

This is the view off the back deck. Every afternoon the sun threw these huge curving blue shadows over the fields. What a time of day, what a place to be!


I painted this for Steven (her brother) as a thank you for letting us stay there. Then I painted one for Lori.


Every morning I watch the sun come up. Every night I watch it go down again, and I photograph the sky often. It is remarkable, this show off sky out my back door.

Sunrise pinkjkbsunset

If you are on Facebook and we are friends, you will see these Morning and Evening photos. If we are not friends yet, hit the button at the top of the blog to find me there.

One of my goals this year is to translate some more of my photos into paintings, both pastel and acrylic. Wish me luck, I need a serious kick in the behind. My excuses are running out now, I need to get back in the studio and GET TO IT!

Tell me your secret to getting your art done. Thanks!


  1. stunning scenery Jill and your painting-just breathtaking!! Wish you could teach a class on your method:)

  2. What a wonderful heart touching blog Jill!!! I love the deep blue purple shadows in your paintings!! I found the book “Big Magic” really inspired me to get back in the studio- & I did!!!

  3. Wow! Just wow!

  4. Wow-great painting! Thanks or lifting my spirits. I love your ‘skies’ on Facebook.

  5. Your painting as the scenery are so beautiful! I think your art might even be better since the surgery! You seem to have great use of the right side of your brain. I hope your spirits are up and you are feeling well. I am so glad you are alive! Love, Sanna(Susan Burgess)

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