Diamond Series Stencil Giveaway!

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DiaStenMy stencil company, Artistcellar has done it again! This new series of four stencils is called the “Diamond Series” and you can find them on the Artistcellar site. You can also win a set by visiting all the blogs listed below and leaving one comment per blog for eight chances to win.

These are the best quality stencils on the market according to me, and since I do not have a delicate touch that matters!

I used this new series to make papers on top of road maps.


The primary medium I used was Radiant Rain Shimmering Mist and Radiant Rain Daubers by ColourArte. I did add dye inks and acrylics, which are drier and print more precisely. With the acrylics I used a cosmetic sponge to daube on the paint.


Use any road map. Road maps are generally two-sided, so you will paint one side and let the other side be whatever it becomes. Some of the paint will seep through for sure.


The first page I did I used the stencil with a spray, then flipped the stencil over and printed the wet side down.


One way you get the inside shape, then when you flip it you get the outside.


Keep adding layers. The dauber bottle create a mottled look, like the gold here.



Keep going until you cover the map. The Radiant Rain products create a shimmer.


When I was done, I wrapped up a gift and sent it to my sister.


See how nicely the unpainted side compliments the outside and adds contrast?


The second map I added the acrylics and dye inks, which are the darker blues.


I added lots of layers to this one, letting them dry a short time between.IMG_6535

I love how you see the facets, but they can be abstracted too.


Here is the whole map with all its layers.


This one I tore up and used on a spread in my journal. I sketched in the face, then collaged the paper around it. All I used was that one map and I still have most of it to use on other pages.


The face is done with Copic Markers, as influenced by my stencil sister, Jane Davenport. I have been studying her book on Beautiful Faces. She makes stencils to learn her style on faces for Artistcellar. More on that later!


So, now it is your turn. Leave one comment here on my blog for a chance to win these four stencils. I will pick a name on Dec. 9th. And visit the other blogs for more chances to win!

11/30 – Lisa Cousineau/Artistcellar, artistcellar.com/blogs/news
12/1 – Wyanne Thompson, http://wyartjewels.blogspot.com
12/2 – Jane Lafazio, janeville.blogspot.com
12/3 – Sue Bleiweiss, suebleiweiss.com/blog
12/4 – Karen Elaine, karenelainethomas.wordpress.com/blog-2/
12/5 – Jill K. Berry, jillberrydesign.com/blog/
12/6 – Effy Wild, http://effybird.com
12/7 – Felicia Borges, artistcellar.com/blogs/news

If you do not respond quickly to email, I will pick a new name so make sure you check for the subject line “Diamond Stencil Winner!”

Good luck!


  1. I love these stencils and I also like playing with maps, thanks for sharing your ideas and artwork!

  2. Love how you used it for gift wrap.

  3. Love what you need with stencils on the map…awesome!

  4. I love these stencils!

  5. Great idea using the maps!

  6. Okay. I *love* this, and may have to spend some of my Saturday playing with stencils over maps now. Enabler! 😀

  7. Love it! The map makes a great substrate to build all those yummy layers.

  8. wow. these stencils look fab. I love how you worked on the maps and used them to create something stunning. Absolutely love it.

  9. Love these stencils, thanks for the opportunity to win a set.

  10. I love these stencils and I have a passion for maps. These would be awesome to win!

  11. This turned out gorgeous. The layers are so rich.

  12. love the creativity. going to find my husbands maps and give it a whirl. thanks for the ideas.

  13. Wow! Love how it all turned out…… Beautiful!

  14. Love how you used the stencils and maps to make gorgeous wrapping paper!

  15. These are beautifully done! Love working with maps but I’ve never done anything like this! The stencils would really look good in my stencil stash!

  16. Jill,
    I am a big fan of your art. Loving everything I see. Hope to continue to visit your lovely creations!
    Thank you for the opportunity to win the stamps!
    Linda Ann

  17. I always love a unique stencil. The way your wrapped that package was awesome!

  18. Enjoying how the “diamonds” enhance the grids & lines of the maps, and all the gorgeous layers. Love and have many Artist Cellar stencils — thanks for the chance to win this new set!

  19. Txs jill, beautiful ideas and beautiful stencils.
    It is wonderful to make a chance to win them.

  20. love those stencil designs and your creativity with the maps. cool idea

  21. These are great, Jill! And now I know what I can do with all those maps from New England that we have left over after our trip at the end of October!!

  22. What unique ideas for using these wonderful stencils on Maps. The gift paper is marvelous. It is such a great thing to have an opportunity to win the stencils. Have a great day

  23. Love the idea of layering these over maps! Gorgeous. My favorite is the heart shape

  24. Hi Jill!!! Love these stencils! I want to use them on my maps from my recent Greek trip!

  25. Loves the colours you have used and those stencils look great

  26. Wow – these are great stencils – love the way you used them over the maps – but I think they would be very versatile. I’d love to have a chance to play with them. Thanks for the contest Jill –

  27. Love these stencils, the possibilities are many!

  28. Hi Jill! thanks for sharing the link over at LifeBook! These look really neat!

  29. When I look at each of the different stencil designs, I can feel the radiating movement of each pattern, mirror the feeling in my heart, of goodness radiating out from my center. I would love to experience and witness, what it feels like to me while actually using the stencil in art.

  30. would love to win these beautiful stencils thanks for the chance

  31. These stencils would work great on my pallet furniture!!!

  32. Gorgeous stencils, and great idea to use the maps as the background. I love maps.

  33. I love these stencils!!!

  34. Beautiful stencils. I love that they have a center point. I’m exploring with mandalas these days, and having a center point help me gain in clarity. Have a beautiful day.

  35. what a great idea. I use maps as collage but this is better!

  36. Great tutorial! I really like the heart shaped stencil shape. The other ones bring a lot of ideas to mind. My students would love this.

  37. this looks like so much fun Thank you Jill i hope i win!!!

  38. Love these faceted shapes, so much fun! Thanks for sharing your inspiration on making these papers.

  39. Love the new stencils and love them on the map/atlas pages! I love using unconventional materials for wrapping! I have a bunch of old atlas books and this just gave me an idea!! Woo hoo!

  40. I love seeing how different use materials in unexpected ways. Your use of maps as wrapping paper and a painting surface are brilliant. I have the Jane Davenport face stencils. I LOVE them!

  41. Saaweeeet! Love your work and these stencils! Maps always make art more interesting! ????

  42. What a creative way to use maps! I bought a whole book of paper maps…I would so love to try your ideas!

  43. I love how the stencil adds depth just by layering.

  44. what a great idea. Im on the hunt for maps!

  45. Oh wow – this is so cool!!! Love using maps! So clever!

  46. These are awesome. I love the look of the painted map as gift wrap! Thanks for the chance to win.

  47. I knew you would work your magic with the “Diamond Series” stencils! Compass roses, maps and the facets of gemstones…love!!

  48. I love how the maps look with the stencils designs. I would love to play with these stencils too.

  49. I love these new stencils. I’ve been contentedly enjoying the ones I have. Who knew how fun they could be? The wrapping paper/map is sensational! Can’t wait to try.

  50. Loved the idea of using a map for the paper and ending up with a one of a kind wrapping paper.

  51. Never thought of using maps and have never seen stencils like this so will have to investigate now.Just thought that I would comment even though I don’t live in USA.

  52. Those stencils are so cool! Using them on maps is very clever.

  53. Love your work! Love your classes! Amazing & Beautiful

  54. Cool stencils! Love them with the map paper.

  55. What a clever idea!

  56. Wow Jill I’d love to add the same sparkle to my gifts as you have done- thanks for your inspiration 🙂

  57. I love anything to do with maps and this is truly amazing, as is your book, map art lab. It’s been really fun, I’m excited to try this project. And those stencils, WOW!
    Great colors, as usual , thank you for this opportunity.

  58. another beauty Jill!

  59. Love the contrast that you created…those stencils MUST be in my stash!

  60. These look like wonderful stencils and I love the map you turned into wrapping paper!

  61. Wonderful! I have always wanted to do a galley show titled FACETS!

  62. Great stencils and fun project using the maps. Thanks so much!

  63. What great ideas, thanks for sharing and the opportunity to win.

  64. I love the ❤️ shape!!

  65. Yum! I could hardly wait to see how you would use these on a map – love both the wrapping paper and the collage. Thanks!

  66. How beautiful is that!!! I am definitely going to give this a try.

  67. Hi Jill! What an innovative way to use these gorgeous stencils. If I am lucky enough to win a set, I will definitely be trying this wrapping paper idea out! Thanks for the opportunity 🙂

  68. I’ve always loved Art & maps so naturally that lead me to you! Looking forward to more ideas…

  69. What a fun project! I’d love to do this!

  70. Wonderful design!

  71. I would love some stencils they look awesome – still trying to figure out how to get it like the experts.

  72. So beautiful!! I would love to get a gift wrapped up like that!! ????

  73. Love the stencils. Thanks for all the great inspiration art shown when using these stencils. Cannot wait to play.

  74. Great new stencils and I love how you have used them on maps.

  75. I would love to win those stencils – how neat to give your picture a diamond sparkle.

  76. Well, would be very cool to win. Thanks for the chance. 😉

  77. I loved your tutorial. Thanks for a great idea. Will have to start saving all those maps from now on. Thanks for the chance to win.

  78. She is lovely! These stencils look fantastic – thank you for the chance to win!

  79. Oh what wonderful ideas. The map papers are beautiful and using as warping paper is perfect. I love the face journal page. Beautiful.

  80. Love the wrapping paper idea! thanks…b

  81. Love, love, love these stencils!! I’ve got to have them for my collection of go-to tools!

  82. This is great
    Love maps.

  83. Yet another wonderful use for stencils! I hadn’t considered making wrapping paper, but will now! Thanks for the tutorial and for the chance to win these stencils. Merry Christmas!

  84. These are awesome! Love your designs and would very much like to learn this technique. Have a wonderful holiday season, Jill!

  85. These stencils are so beautiful… and I just love your
    map idea, wow very cool. Your face journal is gorgeous.
    thank you for the opp to win a set.

  86. These stencils are so lovely and it’s great to use them on maps! Thanks for the chance to win.

  87. Of course, you stenciled a map! Love this. I am prompted to take this one step further and use a stencil for a mask on my Gelli Plate and print on a map. Thanks for the inspiration!

  88. On my shopping list with some daubers. Unless I win a set, in which case I can spend more on shimmering inks!

  89. These are awesome stencils. I love how you used them on maps.

  90. I knew I was picking up maps at rest areas for a reason! What a great idea. 🙂

  91. Beautiful stencils, and an amazing project as usual!

  92. Love love love these creative ideas you shared! ! Thank you!

  93. Wow. The way you used the stencils as part of your beautiful girl is awesome!

  94. Bravo! You’ve done it again – would love to play with these and see where they take me – you rock!

  95. Love! Using maps is so cool, and i love your colours!

  96. What a great way to use outdated maps

  97. Very cool! Thanks for the ideas and for a chance to win!

  98. Another great idea with these stencils! I love the colorful layering effect you got from the different mediums and the wrapping paper idea is scrumptious!!! <3

  99. What a fantastic idea to stencil right on the maps. I love the way yours turned out and will definitely be trying this out. Those new stencils are the bomb and I am excited to use them. Thanks for the great inspiration.

  100. I love these stencils. What a terrific way to upscale old maps.

  101. These are fabulous Jill . . . love the look of maps upon maps.

  102. Just love how you shared this idea and your process. I have a box of old maps tucked away. Thank you for the inspiration!!

  103. Excellent idea for Christmas! :). Thank you for the giveaway! <3

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