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It has been a year of pause and adjustment for me. My art has been working on my new book, and working on my new me. I am floundering a bit. Maybe you are too.

So instead of having great notions about the fabulous art I should be doing, I am making small pages of experiments. This one is wandering around a Yupo page with sumi ink and colored pencils.


This one was a page I made to try out new pens and pencils. It started as a demo in a mapping class that I adored in a group of especially wonderful creative women in Minnesota. The page morphed into me facing off the monster. No bonus points for guessing what that is about.


This year I have wandered, foggy and unclear. Part of it is the long effects of anesthetic, but most of it is a huge veering off the course I thought I was on and finding myself in entirely new territory. This new land is just now revealing itself to me. At this stage, I am just looking around, and fiddling with art, doing the best I can.

I love Wendell Berry, of course you know that, and here he presents another spot on poem. I want me some orange trees, neat rows of sweet smelling lollipop trees offering luscious fruit, some berries in tangled sharp bushes by the river. That is the scene for me today. Enjoy.


A Standing Ground by Wendell Berry

However just and anxious I have been
I will stop and step back
from the crowd of those who may agree
with what I say, and be apart.
There is no earthly promise of life or peace
but where the roots branch and weave
their patient silent passages in the dark;
uprooted, I have been furious without an aim.
I am not bound for any public place,
but for ground of my own
where I have planted vines and orchard trees,
and in the heat of the day climbed up
into the healing shadow of the woods.
Better than any argument is to rise at dawn
and pick dew-wet berries in a cup.


  1. Godspeed, Jill. As I said, the world is a better place with you in it.

  2. Here a day early for the stencil deal but when provided with a link to your blog, I hafta take advantage of it… Your post today struck a note with me and I am going to make a prediction. All your searching since your surgery has not been pointless and you will regain your ground in the spring. When the blooms begin, you will find your footing and it will indeed be sweet. So says this horticulturist. Kinda sounds like Kahlil Gibran, no? Be back to see what you did with those gem stencils.

    • Linda, I love this. Just love it. Thank you!

  3. Hi Jill,
    Grabbed Personal Geographies off my bookshelf for some bedtime reading and thought of you and wondered how you are doing. This is a beautiful post. Remember that these are the times in our lives when great things germinate, grow, and take root. You are doing great!

  4. Testing the comments…

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