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yellow tulips

Yesterday I called my friend Valerie and said we have to go see the tulips! It was a fine day, my husband reminded me it was tulip time on the Pearl Street Mall and I should get out there. The city plants blocks and blocks of tulips of every shape, color and size. I did not feel very well, but since Valerie said yes and I needed to see both her and the tulips, I dragged my sorry self to the Mall. So glad I did! We ran in to Alix who walked with us and took this picture.

ValntulipsHere is my Haiku, for both me and Valerie.

Blooming testament

all is well, we are still here

Bold, bursting, ready!

tulip det tulips 2
I will continue next week with my gratitude journals…..


  1. So nice to hang with you Jill, and Valerie… glad you are back amongst us and on the mend.

  2. recovery time
    feeding heart, the mind and soul
    testament of strength

  3. Beautiful! So glad you went and enjoyed the day. Love the Haiku too

  4. So glad to hear, see and read that you out and doing things.

  5. looking good, Jill! anxiously awaiting the arrival of tulips in our neck of the woods… they look beautiful!

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