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The week I had the surgery I was supposed to teach three classes at Art and Soul retreat in Portland, Oregon. This is my crowd, and I look forward every year to being amongst them. Disappointed did not come close to how I felt about missing this, for many reasons. Life’s best laid plans…….IMG_4972

If you have read my blog for a while you know that one person I met and love there is Connie McDowell, who gifted me a fantastic journal she made a few years ago. I have filled it up, and it is gorgeous.


She collages the page edges and adds so many treasures the book is beautiful without anything added to it. She offered another one of these beauties to be a wellness book for me, and the peeps there signed it with well wishes before my friend Liz Kettle brought it home to give to me.


I wish I could show you each spread and each warm message.


Needless to say a book like this full of love made a difference. It was nice, very nice, and surprising that so many people missed me there. I missed them too.

IMG_4979Here is another card and small handpainted book that Belinda Spiwak sent. Ain’t that grand? Again, thank you, thank you.


  1. Gorgeous! You have such talented, generous friends!

  2. This is so nice.

  3. Beautiful gifts. You were missed at Art & Soul! Keep healing.

  4. Another beautiful treasure!

  5. What talented loving friends. You can tell how loved you are by all the gifts and good thoughts. Continue to get better. Happy thoughts being sent to you.

  6. I will be putting this dazilzng insight to good use in no time.

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