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My friend Aimee Myers Dolich is one creative energetic gal. I saw her work a number of years ago in a magazine and invited her to be a contributor for my first book. I love her work and immediately loved her through our back and forth conversations.

Aimee is a very creative mother, an artist and a thinker of great thoughts that she illustrates and prints. Her work is colorful, beautifully written in both the words and the lettering. I got to meet her once here in my town when she was visiting with her hubby Jared who I thought was so, so charming. She is someone I admire for many reasons, who makes me laugh and who I really trust to know what is going on. She is an imaginative, artistic, straight-shooter. What a great combo.

I have a number of Aimee’s “doodles” in my studio hung all around. Last month she sent me these. They are magnets. And so, so perfect in their wording.



The box she sent me was big, really big. A big ass box. I could not imagine how large her doodles had become.

Inside the big box was this beautiful, handmade by Aimee, perfect for me crocheted afghan. Imagine opening this, imagine someone taking the time to make this beautiful warm cozy love blanket just for me! I still can’t get over it. My kids try to steal it. I am fierce.

Aimee afghan6Aimee started on this the day of my surgery and picked out colors just for me. She was scared for me, as I would be for her, so as a true creative person she made something.

As it turns out, while I was feeling this scared-out-of-my mind thing in the middle of the night that made me feel lonely as hell I find out I was never alone at all. Across the country my friend was working on this, for me. Aimee, you are a treasure.

All of you who helped me are treasures. Keep it up, you raise the quality of humanity with each act. Will share more tomorrow!


  1. <3

  2. Fabulous!! I love it all. Beautiful, COLORFUL, and inspirational! Some people are so intuitive when it comes to the right words. I am so jealous as it has never been my bag, especially in difficult situations. I am so glad these people exist, to make up for us who are lacking the talent for the best thing to say. What a great friend to have, you are truly blessed!

  3. I admire this Aimee-goddess and this blanket. Know that I adore you, Jill, just as much and haven’t the knitting skills to show it.

  4. Hi,Jill, Looks as if you’re healing nicely thanks to your colorful, talented friends.

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