My UK Adventure: Chapter 4

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Outside of Chipping Campden, a town in the Cotswold hills where the Arts and Crafts Movement was born. “Chipping” means “market”, so all towns with this name have or did have a central market area like this one.



It also means the streets are wider, to allow for more carts. This is the local bus stop, which is on a block that runs down the middle of the town. The buildings were built from the 14th to the 17th centuries. These are 21st century teenagers.


I stayed on a farm that had been in the same family since 1760.

The family who live there consisted of one aunt, a married couple and their two daughters.


They raised a lot of  produce, including exotic pears and apples. The meals here were outstanding, cooked mostly by Aunt Jana.


This one is called a Warden Pear.


Tim, the dad and farmer had lived there his whole life. He picked me up at the train station and gave me a little tour.


We stopped by the St. James Church and talked to a flatlander, in other words, a guy who did not live on the Cotswold hills. This is not acceptable in proper Cotswold society. The hills are the place to be. Those who live below are, well, not equals.


It was harvest week at the church, so the locals brought in foods for those who might need it. It was grand seeing a church full of fruit.


Tim knew all the stories of the lives of these folks now passed. Some of them were colorful indeed.
Pastors running off with the butcher’s wife and such.


Across from the church there is a field with two buildings on either side of it, the lighter colored brick. They are very far apart now, but used to be all one gigantic manor house. Imagine that.


This is the view out my window in my cozy room at the farm.


Tim, Jana and I spent a morning chopping and milling apples to make cider.


I drank this every morning.


We have a cattle ranch property in my family that was settled by relatives in the 1890s. There is so much history in the air, at our ranch and at this smaller farm. It felt both familiar and brand new because it smelled so richly of ripened fruit, and the stories are so much older.

I ate with the family every night at their big table. I slept well, and had rich dreams.


  1. John and I were in Chipping Campden in 1992 (sounds like a million years ago). We used it as a ‘hub’ to visit the Cotswolds. I adore that town, we had amazing times there, stayed in a delightful B+B, walked the paths that navigated from farm to farm. So delightful. I love hearing about your trip.

    • It is so old world, isn’t it? That walking in the fields of sheep was right out of a dream. Glad you and your honey had that opportunity too.

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