My UK Adventure: part 2

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This last June I made was working on a new mission statement for my artistic future, and the phrase I kept coming back to was “I want to be a small fish in a big pond.” A few weeks later I got an email from Pat at Golden Artist Colors asking if I wanted to attend a training to be a Artist Educator for Golden in London, England. This opportunity exactly fit the bill.

The program started on Sunday night and went until Friday. Monday morning we each sat down to this. There was also a big box on the floor for each of us, a file box of sorts, filled with all the exercises we would do throughout the week.


Is your heart racing yet? Is this not better than Christmas?


The entire class painted their own version of this landscape, each of us using different mediums.


We went out to dinner each night and laughed a lot, ate a lot, and drank a lot of wine.

There were lovely artists from Belgium, Germany, Ireland, England, South Africa and assorted other exotic places.

QORpaintsAn entire table full of the new line of watercolors.

On Wednesday we had a day off and a group of us went to see the Late Turner Exhibit at Tate Britain. If you have not spent an afternoon with other art lovers pondering and exhibit, plan to do that right now. What a rich and wonderful morning. Turner’s paintings have always moved me, often because they a so often huge and dynamic, but also because he was so wildly ahead of his time in his style.


My favorite painting we saw that day was called “The Blue Rigi”. It is an astonishing watercolor.

Image 1

We took the boat down the Thames and got off at the London Tower and Bridge.IMG_1207

The London Tower is currently the site of one of the most beautiful art installations I have ever seen. It is being surrounded by 888,246 poppies — one for every Commonwealth soldier who died in the First World War. The poppies are red handmade ceramics, and the last one will be laid on Nov 11, the day the war ended in 1918. I cannot tell you how moving it was to see this, to see the team of people installing it, the flood of red that commemorates those brave souls.


Image 4

I made some new and lifelong friends. We laughed, a lot. Thanks to Patty Brady, our instructor who made the entire thing funny and fun. And Golden Paints, who says I can now be in the official group.




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