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People give me a lot of maps and mappish things. One such item is a set of postcards from the map collection of the Library of Congress. Now this is a place I could get lost altogether, I LOVE this collection and peruse it on a regular basis. That said, they are small when on postcards. I decided to mess with them.


I was feeling overwhelmed with family decisions about life and death and overseas study, and got myself a bit frozen creatively. When I get like that I need to just make some kind of arty mess that I do not take at all seriously. This is how I leap out of my creative straight jacket.


This one is a map of the Americas turned into a Map Moon Man with a bit of Native American influence.


This one started out badly when I used my Posca Pen on it and the pen just leaked a river of black. So, I had to work with that, and turned the card to make the river of black flow in other directions and across the card.

This is the before picture of the last one I did.

The first step was to add a shoreline of sorts with a Posca pen, and outlined the Mad Mama I saw there. Her eyes were twirly, I know her pretty well.


I made her some wings and fancied up her hind end, then doodled a cloud of darkness behind her. Her tot looks a bit like an owl.


This is the final. I used Micron Pens, Posca Paint Markers, High Flow acrylics and my favorite white Signo Gel Pen, then smudged on some Ranger Dye Ink in eggplant.

I am going to send one of these out to a postcard friend right now. This year is my pen-friend year, I am sending out letters in the snail mail. Who doesn’t like getting snail mail??

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  1. I have dragged the map of the Uk and Eire off on to my desk top print . . . I’ll post it in the next couple of days. It might be fun if other did too.

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