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I just got back last night from a long round trip drive to Phoenix. Part adventure, part teaching at Art Unraveled and that part I am going to brag about right now.

One class was “Panoramas Patterns Pastels,” ¬†which was a class on using PanPastels. The students worked from a Google Earth image or a aerial photo to paint a landscape of a favorite place. My photos do not do them justice, but I hope you can appreciate their colorful wonder.



This one shows where the “life” is in this neighborhood.


Kirsten Varga


Most of them are depicting family places.



This one is a neighborhood in Mexico.


This color is layered and luscious.



Funny how two of the peeps worked on black paper. I have been doing that lately too. Black Maps. Will be teaching that in Canada in November.



This is just, well, wow!



A relative’s farm.


Mary Ann Gradisher


Where Mary Ann lives.



Loose and lovely.



Kirsten Varga


A fantasy beach home.



Wooded view.



Abstracted arena and parking.



Thank you to all of you who came to my class and if you come by here, let me know which one is yours and I will happily add your name and a link if you like.


  1. I have chalk pastels sitting in a box unused and I’m wondering if I can use them in much the same way as pan pastels . . . I need to get them out or give them away!

  2. It was a great class Jill! I so enjoyed it! Mine were the farm with the blue roof and the pink fields with the green lake. You are a wonderful teacher!

    • Thank you Kirsten, that is so nice to hear! You did beautiful work.

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