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It is summer, and pears are a winter fruit, but lucky us they hang around in grocery stores all year in Colorado. I am crazy for pears, how they look, taste and the lovely feminine shape of them. When it came to volunteering to make a fiber arts piece with the subject of food, I picked the pear.

I found these illustrations of 19th Century pears.

Here are some of my sketches.


I used a Gelli plate, paints, pencils and dyes. Then I cut a mask and used that on the Gelli Plate.

For the final I printed on fabric, using dyes and paints with airbrush medium. The pear is many layers. the background is done with dyes and stencils with acrylic paint.

JKB Pear3

When the fabric was done and dry, I stitched the center part of the pear. It is sexy, is it not? It came out looking like a pear Frida Kahlo might eat. When the stitching was done I added some more highlights, and some more textures in the background.


Here is one of my favorite pear recipes, perfect for an intimate night with friends and a bottle of wine. We like to add a scoop of coffee ice cream to this plate.

6 pears
8 c. brewed coffee
1 1/2 c. Kahlua liqueur
1 c. fresh orange juice
2 tbsp. lime juice
1 1/2 c. sugar
2 cinnamon sticks


Peel pears then slice bottom edge off so pears will stand up. Remove core of pear with melon baller. Place pears in a large saucepan with remaining ingredients, making sure they are fully covered with liquid (placing a small towel on top of pears to keep them submerged may be necessary). Over low heat, cook pears until fork tender. Carefully remove from liquid so they can cool.Remove cinnamon stick from liquid. Increase heat to high and boil liquid down until it begins to turn into a syrup. Remove from heat and refrigerate to cool. To serve spoon syrup over pears.

This piece is flying off to Australia, and I hope it finds a good home there.

Thanks to Anne Kempton at Timeless Textiles for the inspiration, and good luck on the cookbook!


  1. I love the texture of the stitching and the contrast between the background and the pear.

  2. Your work is so lovely! Just beautiful, from the sketches to the finished piece. And yes, so sexy! I love it. Thank you for sharing.

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