Map Art Stencils, MY TURN!

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Welcome to the last day of the Map Art Stencil Giveaway!

For the blogs to visit and more chances to win a set, go HERE.

I have a new set of stencils with Artistcellar, called Map Art Series, to go with my new book, Map Art Lab!ย They are new takes on traditional map graphics, with the added bonus of having interchangeable centers for the compass roses!



I love making maps. I teach mapmaking in many mediums, most recently in collaged fabric and papers with stitching, in New Zealand and Australia.

Some of the students used these stencils on the maps they made in this class.


Josie added the globe to the wrist of her hand map, and a compass rose at the top.


Gretchen made this map of her way to work, and added the Global Compass rose.


Claire made this map, with one of my TEXTures stencils, and added the sun face from Sunny Compass Rose in this series.

I went a little wild with my project for this blog hop. It started as a demo of a hand map we make in class, and went to fantasyland pretty quickly.


I used all the stencils on this one! This is a map of my hand, as aย garden goddess engaged to the God of Flora.

First I painted the canvas teal.

Then I traced my hand on the canvas and added collaged fabrics and papers that I had printed on a gelatin plate.

On the top of all that, I used the stencils with a cosmetic sponge and acrylic paint, and a layer of dye inks and stencil brushes. The white ink on the hand was done with a Signo Gel Pen. I used Tombo pens to make the drop shadow, because they are water soluble and make a soft edge with a damp brush.

The neat lines are on the stencils too, see those dashed lines around the edges? There are two designs to make these traditional map borders on the same stencil as the compass roses.

I also used the stencils on a tiny map.


Maps are a visual representation of my internal journeys, longings and dreams.

I have a set of stencils to give away.

Leave a comment and tell me what you might map. A dream?



  1. It would be handy to map my artistic goals….that way I probably wouldn’t get as distracted by other stuff and lose my way.

  2. Wonderful maps by you and your students!
    I hope to take a map art workshop from you one day! ๐Ÿ™‚
    I would like to make a map of future travels I dream of taking.

  3. Love your creations! They are very inspirational. I’d map my way to a peaceful, stress-free destination for a little relaxation.

  4. Love how you used these stencils. Beautiful work. Good luck to everyone.

  5. I’d like to map new creative projects.

  6. Love the new stencils! I think I would map an art project. It would be a different way to think about a project! Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. I would map my artistic goals for the future…the roads I picture taking and where they might lead. With lots of forks(choices).

  8. What great stencils! I would live to learn more about mapping… And perhaps map my ideas for a dream home.

  9. Would LOVE to win this giveaway. I think I’d map an entire journal “journey.” That would be SO fun. Cheers! Joanna Grant

  10. My dream trip is to return to Capri and Naples where I lived as a child. The images are only in my mind as so few pictures remain from late 50s and early 60s so will have to recreate…your stencils would be wonderful to use in this effort.

  11. Right now, Jill, I’d map a path to health. My sweetheart is undergoing radiation for prostate cancer. Its getting rough. There will be an uphill path and a happy ending. Thanks for your inspiration. ~Hobby

  12. I would make a map of the journey I am taking at the moment. Becoming a healthy individual who has a grasp on her emotions.

    Shanti in the Netherlands

  13. Love all of your art. I too like maps but dont create them as much as use found maps in my art. I would like to do more of my own maps but find the hardest part to be WHAT to map, the details of the information to include. any tips? Thank you for sharing all you do!

  14. Great samples by your class. I love your project! It has so many wonderful details.

    I also love your new map stencils.

    I should map the routes and detours I take on the way to making a decision!

  15. I just LOVE the map idea – so much potential! I need to give these more attention in my art. I would map my journey to mental health. It might be dark in places but there is always light to move toward!

  16. I’m thinking about how I might combine your stencils with the Artist Cellar map stencil series . . . Venice is my favorite!

  17. I would map my artistic journey. Love your stencils, and would be thrilled to win!

  18. I would make a map of my dream garden of my home of 2 yrs. There is no shrubbery around the house and no flower beds. Most of my planting so far is in big pots. Thanks for the opportunity to win a set of your stencils!

  19. I would make a map of the places I would like to go on vacation. I’m trying to look up “weird” tourist attractions in states (like the largest ball of twine, etc.). I want to go to a bunch and take my picture at each of them. I can’t figure out why my husband thinks I’m nuts! Go figure.

  20. I’d like to map an historical event or an family tradition…bea

  21. I love all the ways your stamps were used! Such great art work. Lately I have been into maps and travel symbols in my work and these stencils fit right in! I wish I had known about hand maps last week when I was doing an art journal page on creative hands. But it’s never too late… Thanks for sharing this opportunity!

  22. i’ve thought of mapping a composite of every significant vacation i’ve ever taken: the highlights… almost as much fun as planning a real trip.

  23. Love these stencils and can’t wait for your new book. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I would love to map the desires of my heart. I have all of these ideas and plans and would love to have it all organized and figured out. ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. I really don’t know what I would map,out….perhaps winning the book would help a lot!

  25. Love your work! I could see myself using these stencils over and over again!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  26. Your maps and books on maps are the top! Can’t imagine anyone not loving maps! Your teal hand map is gorgeous!

  27. You’re inspiring me to use them w/ the Gelli plate for journals I’m making so others can map their journeys!

  28. Wow! What you have done with your map art stencils is beautiful. I especially like the hand art pieces. What would I map? Maybe the stages of life.

  29. I’d map the journey my family will take in the next few years as we (hopefully) have children

  30. I am a journeyer and would map anyplace that has inspired me which would be many many places. Such fun stencils and your pages are lovely.

  31. Oh, I would love to win…these are inspiring stencils and would be so much creative fun!

  32. Love the way unuse the stencils and your colors just sing to me

  33. Absolutely beautiful!

  34. I love your work and maps are very special to me. I hope I win your beautiful book. It would be fantastic to hold it in my hands and turn the pages.

  35. All week has been a treat. These stencils have been used so creatively, and everybody as work is wonderful. Yours especially, Jill.

  36. I would improvise a dragon map of my own fantasy world, and it would show Eastern and Western creatures, along with a dominant large dragon in flight out of the map.

  37. I love these stencils…..I’d map a trail to my future home and studio. ๐Ÿ™‚

  38. I’d map the journey I am on with my kids and hubby.

  39. I love your project Jill! I would map my own neighborhood… No place like home!

  40. These stencils are wonderful! I have always been fascinated with maps and map markings. I would love to play with these stencils to make a map to my Fairy Castle ๐Ÿ™‚

  41. Fabulous Jill – I’d map my hopes and dreams!

  42. I like the idea of mapping a dream! I think I want to make a map around a “daily rule” – (sort of like a monastic rule)to help keep me focused and moving forward.

  43. I’d map an imaginary island and enjoy playing with the colours and symbols maps inspire. Loving the new stencils and the very different projects they’ve inspired throughout the hop

  44. Indeed I would map a dream…my continuing creative journey!

  45. As always, I love your work and I’d love to win your stencils. I’d probably map a personal journey that I’m about to embark on.

  46. I love the compass rose! Very imaginative. Any way of downloading the stencil template so I can add it to my article about compass roses?
    Also check out the beautiful replica of a compass rose from the cantino world map of 1502. Pure class!


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