Sacred Hearts, Fiery Love

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Sacred Hearts winner is Becky Massa! Congratulations Becky!


It is my turn to use the Sacred Hearts Stencils from Artistcellar in our little blog hop.

My friend Kerry came over and we went to town using these stencils with paint and a Gelli Plate on fabric. I wanted the hearts to look rustic.



I cut out one of them and tried it out on a collaged journal page. This is the Divine stencil.


The wistful young man at the bottom of the page was thinking of a Latina who had recently stolen his heart. I drew her in.


Her dancing heart too was on fire with love. I used the Immaculate stencil around her head.


Then I added the final fire to the pages with Silk Glazes. Their story is all about the fire.IMG_2649

You can add some Sacred Hearts to your art.

Here is the blog hop line up. Visit each site and leave a comment for a chance to win a set of these stencils!

March 29th – AC kickoff

March 30th – Jill K Berry 

March 31st – Chris Cozen

April 1st – Effy Wild

April 2nd – Tamara Laporte

April 3rd – Guadalupe Brizuela Cabal


  1. These stencils are beautiful……would love to win a set. I am sharing your blog on fb <3

  2. I love how grungy your hearts came out and your finished pages are marvelous!

  3. This inspires me to try stenciling on fabric. And a gelli plate is my next purchase:-)

  4. I love your dancing heart lady.

  5. Your Latina piece is stunning! Great use of the stencil. I hope you are having fun in Australia.

  6. I love your journal page and how you incorporated the stencils. The prints on fabric are marvelous. I want to play with these stencil too.

  7. Wow, this is so beautiful. Love that you used the stencils in different ways, absolutely gorgeous creation.

  8. I love this new stencil.

  9. Love the journal spread! I really love the grunge look you got too. I would love to play with those stencils!

  10. Awesome work. Makes me want to get my stencils out right now, but they’re packed to go on a trip tomorrow for a couple weeks. will have to get out then. Thanks for this!

  11. Jill, I loved the way you incorporated your story along with the stencils. Hope to win a set…Thanks for the chance to set my muse’s heart on fire.

  12. LOVE your drawing and your used the hearts beautifully.

  13. Beautiful…the heart actually looks like a red jewel!

  14. I love the story behind your creation! It’s wonderful!

  15. I love how you have incorporated these stencils into your story.

  16. Wow! I love the look of the stencil on fabric. I never thought of using a gelli plate and fabric. The story is awesome too 🙂

  17. Amazing job done with the stencils.. loved you story too!! I love these stencils.. they speak to me!!!

  18. Wonderful layout. Love the stencil.

  19. Really works with the grunge look on fabric and I like how you put it to your page developing a “story line.” I see Gelli plate and fabric is a good combination!

  20. that would make a really cool pillow

  21. Stunning pages!! Such beautiful use of the stencil. Thanks for sharing!
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  22. I love these stencils! And I’d really like more info on how you did the Gelli Plate example. Please?

  23. I love that you put them on fabric! They look wonderful! Thanks for the chance to win!

  24. I like that you told a story. I wish we knew what fabric and more how to with steps, product names etc.

  25. I love seeing all the different ways these stencils are being used!

  26. I love this! I really like that you used fabric. I love textile!

  27. Beautiful art and beautiful stencils!

  28. wonderful stencils! love your pages~

  29. Very cool use of the stencils – love the story!

  30. You know I love you Jill! LOVE these stencils too!

  31. Beautiful, what you created with these wonderful stencils. Great inspiration, great give away!

  32. As always Jill, love your work and inspiration. LOVE the hearts stencils. Hope you’re having fun Down Under. ~Hobby

  33. Great work and super cool stencils!

  34. Love these! Of course you used them masterfully. Imma gonna have to have this set. Btw, I am using one of your textures stencils in my online class.

  35. The fabric looks good.

  36. Jill , what a fun way to use the stencil! Love your saying…
    Thanks for hopping along – these stencils are fab!

  37. What a fabulous spread. Love how you used the stencil. Great story, amazing drawing of the girl, just gorgeous all the way around. I really love how the Gelli print on the fabric turned out. I must try that sometime. Thanks for sharing.

  38. Your page is fabulous. Love what you created with the Gelli Plate. Would love to use the stencils with mine. Thanks for the chance to win.

  39. So cool, using the stencil on the fabric. Would love a set of these, for sure. 😉

  40. Love this spread. I especially love how you worked in the new stencil.

  41. Love, love, love these special sacred heart stencils…hope I win!!!

  42. I’m in love with the stencil…gotta have this one for sure…tfs

  43. I have definitely got to have these stencils. Loving all the ideas and inspiration with them. My favourite is the immaculate so far I believe.

  44. I love what you did with the stencils.

  45. really nice job. love the rays of the heart.

  46. Hah I love the little story you came up with around the page, that’s awesome!! Would love to be in with a chance to win these.

  47. I love using fabric and when i saw what you had achieved with a Gelli plate my jaw dropped. I just want to embroider over the gorgeous grungy design!!!
    Think i NEED this stencil, thank you for such wonderful inspiration 🙂 xxx

    • I will embroider on the next one, that was my inclination too!

  48. Oh Wow. these are lovely. thanks for sharing. Would love to win a set of these

  49. Beautiful!! The heart is so important as a symbol!

  50. Great use of these lovely stencils

  51. Love them they are absolutely gorgeous!

  52. I Love the pages you did! Awesome stencil!, thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  53. I love what you did with the stencil on fabric. SO wonderful. I could look at your faces all day as well.

  54. Very cool! I would love to win!

  55. Wonderful sacred heart stencil and love what you did 🙂

  56. A must have stencil set. Love it.

  57. i love these stencils! your collage with them is super inspiring.

  58. Lovely art! Using the fabric heart on your page is so cool! Love it.

  59. Love your dancer with the heart rays, gorgeous work.

  60. Love the grungy look and love the texture and use of this on fabric.

  61. I NEVER would have thought to use with the earthy dark colors above. LOVE!!
    Hearts are a favorite symbol. My sign language sign for my name is 2 taps above my heart with an “M” for both first names. Yes, I love hearts.

  62. Beautiful….I love hears…and Gelli Plates

  63. oh these are just gorgeous!! Can think of a million ways to use these!!

  64. Your work is both amazing and stimulating. Thank you for sharing your process 🙂

  65. They look great!

  66. Neat idea! I haven’t stenciled fabric as of yet, but will definitely have to give it a try. Thanks for the blog hop and neat opportunity to win!!!

  67. love what you have done using the stencils! fabulous!

  68. Your work is inspiring!!!

  69. I am glad we “met” and I am excited to try these stencils. I just took my first class on how to use paints on fabric with the aid of
    a gelatin plate. I’m such a newbie that my classmates took pity on me and each gave me muslin to work on! (I had never used fabric in my life… So I had originally just thought I would watch the class) It was a lot of fun and I will be back on your site looking at all your beautiful work. Take care, Susan

  70. Wow! After roses, hearts are my favorite. I love these new stencils and how you used them. : )

  71. That first pic of the stencil on fabric, LOVE!
    I would have framed that right there.

  72. Love your pages and LOVE LOVE LOVE the fabric print!!! 😀

  73. I am so inspired by the beautiful artwork! So exciting! thank you for the opportunity to win!

  74. Love stencils and these are fabulous!!

  75. love everything you do.

  76. Oohs…gelli printing AND stencils! Love!

  77. oh please put my name in the pot for the drawing and love the grungieness ( a word? ) of the heart. xo

  78. Love how you used these stencils.

  79. Love the stencils and how you used them! Stunning!

  80. Fabulous prints – love them!

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