New Face on a Fireplace

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Last winter I went to visit my sister Linden. Her house has this monolithic fireplace that was as ugly as a fireplace gets. It was a giant chunk of white concrete.


And it is two sided, so this side faces the kitchen. Ugly, and right in the middle of the house. I felt almost and urgent need to never look at this again. We made a fast plan.

We went to a high end tile store and got boxes of leftover tiles for practically nothing, and bought some other filler tiles at Home Depot. We matched the background paint to the grout color. The mantel we painted in a brown color for contrast.


The concrete hood was painted with metallic copper paint, and a cushion was made to fit the hearth. A screen was added inside to soften the view through. We worked like dogs, and got this done in four days. What a transformation!


This winter I thought it should be my turn. My fireplace is a different kind of ugly, sort of a run-of-the-mill drywall boring thing, that is made with cheap bricks and plaster. I have lived here for 15 years, why did I wait so long to fix this? My message to you is DO IT NOW! This is the before picture.


Over the holidays we covered the brick with tile that has copper strips in it and natural stone. The hearth is porcelain that looks like old leather. My husband made a wooden box to cover the band above the  brick out of oak which we stained a blueish grey. Then I took a piece of purchased shelving and covered that with copper for the top of the mantel. The final touch was the paint, which I redid a number of times until it was just right.


The room is transformed. We love it, all of us. A new couch and voila, no more baby proof house centered on builder quality fireplace. And I really learned to not put if off. Thought I had learned that before! What could you transform in your house?


  1. Great job x 2 Jill.
    PS-I have the same David Baze print!

    • What a small world Sari! I thought this was finally the perfect place to hang it. I have some originals of his too, I used to trade with him. Love his work.

  2. This is amazing and beautiful!

  3. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jill what an amazing transformation! I love what you and your husband did to your fireplace. It is so gorgeous! Also love what you did to change your sister’s fireplace!

  4. Wow- they are beautiful!!!!

  5. Beautiful work on both fireplaces. I have a question. Can you do this to a working fireplace that still burns wood?

  6. I’m afraid of big spaces – my art tends to be little, so my husband teases me that when I want to fill a big space I make lots of small things. So there are some walls in the house that still stump me.
    I do love the fireplaces though – gorgeous!

  7. Great job with spending such less money! Admiration and motivation – gets you places!

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