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There are times we need support, and the spirits out there are just not specific enough. That is when I need to invent my own goddess.


This is a goddess I drew to support ADD and ADHD, which is a full time experience at my house. I call her “Addy”. She is a fold out in one of my journals. She is made of disjointed and wandering maps, a piece of “Harmony” sheet music and she holds a small card from Saint Francis, patron saint of animals (pets that love us).

This week I made another goddess for a teacher of mine.

Years ago I took my first book making class with Bonnie Stahlecker, who I would highly recommend as one’s first book arts teacher. The class was at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts. If you ever have the opportunity to go there, DO IT!

If you are a bookmaker, you know that gluing is your enemy. That is the final, scary, irreversible part of making books that none of us love. Bonnie had a glue goddess she would take out of a box and prop her up when we were launching into this dark territory.  A student made it for her, and she still has it.

A few weeks ago on Facebook Bonnie posted some other goddesses she made, and I offered to make one for her. She said she needed the Goddess of Misplaced Tools.

Here she is. I call her “Miss Laid”


I made her body out of an awl handle that lost its needle. Her face is polymer clay. My mom sent me a bag of small tools she uses with her doll making, and the rest is stuff I had lying around.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of hanging out with my special pal, David Ashley, who is the box genius of the world. He helped me make her special box.



I am going to put a title block on it and send it off. Hopefully Bonnie won’t lose anymore tools!

What kind of goddess do you need?



  1. Only one goddess? Let me think for a bit. I’ll get back to you.

  2. that is one sensational gift! using all your talents, stuff from family, your nearby-artist, all for a fellow artist…..she’ll be so touched. and that’s a name she’ll treasure!

  3. Okay, I’ve actually given this some thought. My goddess would be the goddess of bravery AND peace. She would be crystal clear and sparkly like an ice diamond. She would go around repeating the words, “Chill,” and, “Just do it!”

    • I can see her Kimberly. I am going to post my sketch of “Brava” on Facebook.

  4. I absolutely love her!!! Well worth the wait. Your Glue Goddess will be coming your way ASAP.

  5. I absolutely love these Goddesses, pulled out for a little extra mojo when needed! I am loving the map cape and the 3-D tool lady, they are clicking up a storm of possibility in my mind! I started a series of magic wands a few years ago and have kept a list which might work well for my own Goddess needs (“snap out of it” is one I could use right now!). Thanks for sharing! Maybe a great journal prompt for an afternoon at the Bo Gardens soon?

  6. Jill, I love your goddess and also the goddess you made Bonnie! I want to make my own collage map Goddess. What a great workshop that would be.

  7. Fabulous!!! I especially love “Miss Laid” i think its the name!! and what i constantly do!! We are starting on Wind Goddesses in a couple weeks in my Art Club- hoping to appease her!!!

  8. What a lovely thing to do! I love making something with a special person in mind, even if it’s just a card. And thank you for the introdution to Bonnie Stahlecker! Her books are fabulous!


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