Taming Chaos

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This last weekend I taught a Painted Papers class in Colorado Springs for the Summit Scribes.

This group is a slice of heaven. A cheerful, willing, generous, brave and lovely group of women that are a treat to be around. We threw paint around for two days and came up with some wonderful papers.

One of the techniques is something I came up with a number of years ago while flinging things around in my studio. I discovered that dish soap makes a very cool resist, and works well in contrast with sumi ink. The sumi is moved around the page with a feather, which keeps it from smearing the dishsoap. Afterwards the page is painted with a wash of phthalo blue acrylic paint. This is the second half of the sheet I used.


While I love doing this and the results are dramatic and pretty, it is a little chaotic. The next part is finding the hidden surprise in this page. I liked the white lines and decided to keep most of them.

I cut a hand stencil just because I love hands and consider them to be symbolic of creativity.


I added a layer of my Textures stencils and filled in some spaces with Twinkling H2Os. These are my very favorite layer of bling, because they add shimmer and not glitter.


When I got to this point, I saw a flying muse blessing my hand. I filled her in.


Right now I am attempting to complete an online class with BrenĂ© Brown. It is called “The Gifts of Imperfection“. I am learning a lot, especially about how much I long for some kind of divine help, and need to find it in myself. So, this must be me blessing me.

I call what I am doing here “Taming Chaos”. Find a crazy page and look for the story it is telling you. It is a treasure hunt, an exercise in color, story, texture, depth and adventure, and it is danged fun!



  1. I love the way this turned out.

  2. Jill, art is about letting what will be emerge from chaos! I am in BrenĂ©’s class too and hoping to apply the lessons of courage, compassion, and authenticity to my art.
    May you continue to be blessed.

  3. I love this kind of process- discovering who and what is hidden in the “chaos”. Reminds me of one of my favorite childhood magazines where you look for the hidden pictures. Love who you found here Jill!!

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