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My friend Leah is talented, kind, funny, stylish and a boon to her community. Against all reason and odds, she lost all of her worldly goods in September when a wall of water washed her town of Glen Haven almost entirely away. She lost her house, studio, car and gallery. 

This video shows you what happened. The pile of sticks on the left of the Town Hall was her gallery.

I wish things made sense. I wish that I had a magic wand or a twitchy nose to make it all different for her, and for the others whose lives were altered by the floods here in Colorado.

My powers are somewhat magical, since I have said “yes” to the gift of creating. When you do that, you get to change things, even a tiny bit, with your creations.

This time my creations were chickens.

Why chickens you ask? Well, Leah had three chickens and a couple of dogs when the flood hit. She (and many others) had to zipline across the new raging river to get out of danger, and had to take her dogs and chickens with her.


This is what I heard about the chickens. She put the “girls” in a bag. Imagine hauling a bag of chickens across a river? The chickens, instead of scrabbling around, scratching and terrified, fell softly against her as though sleeping. They let her gently rescue them from this scene. Something about that just spoke to me, and I decided to make some Chickens of Hope and send them to Leah.


As you can see I got a little carried away with the chickens. She has three. I made 14. What I do not know about chickens could fill a book, but it was clear they each have their own personality. IMG_9996

I made them out of copper, then painted the girls with alcohol inks.  They are about 2″ square. It was fun!IMG_9997

The hanger and legs are made from Mizuhiki paper cord.  IMG_9998

Despite what happened to Leah and her husband Scott, they are astonishingly positive about their future and so am I. They are stellar, genuine, and joyful human beings that I admire.

Leah had no insurance coverage for her losses. Most people in Colorado did not, flood insurance is nearly non existent, so the loss in huge. And, they still get to pay mortgages on property that does not exist.

So, I have two ways you can help. You can buy the last bag of “Leah’s Chickens of Hope” from me (there are 8 left), that comes with a small story book about them, or you can donate to the link below.


If you are interested in buying the chickens, I will donate the money to Leah’s fund in your name. Please email me or leave an amount you are willing to pay here, and I will send them to the highest bidder. Will pick a winner in a week, on Friday January 17th.

My dear friend Amy is also selling a chicken for Leah and Scott. Isn’t it fab? Click on the Chicken to go to her blog for the details. Thank you Amy!


Be a part of the solution! Support Leah’s Chickens of Hope!

The Bag of Chickens (8 total) is now at $200.00


  1. Chickens are now up to $150. I am THRILLED! Plus, we have some direct donations. Wonderful, wonderful community of you out there, thank you!

  2. Thank you! I am so amazed by what you are doing for us! Omlette, Ranchera, and Frittata will be so pleased to have inspired such ART!

  3. As nice as it would be to have a chicken, it would be better to contribute the postage to NZ to Leah. Thanks for putting the link to youcaring.com as it made it easy to help.

  4. Amazing post. I loved your project. I am fond of Mixed Media Arts too specially I like making paper dolls. They are so much fun and interesting. You must check out these amazing stencils, I recently got. You’ll like them too!


  1. Leah’s Chickens of Hope | Amy Smith Designs - […] her husband got out by zip line with their dog and chickens. You can read more about the story…

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