The Road Ahead: 2014

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Finn2014I am sitting in my warm house watching snow, and a new sleeping puppy. The sky is grey, the earth brown and the branches black against my window.

2013 was challenging for me. Perhaps because I am in the very middle of my life and that crisis rumor is real, perhaps because teenagedom has transformed my darlings into temporarily odd creatures, part family issues, fires, flood and some professional challenges too. My hope is that 2104 is easier because I get more skilled at making all the pieces and parts of this colorful life fit together.

This entry into the new year is exciting to me, a portal of possibilities. What I have on my calendar is a trip to Australia, New Zealand, Phoenix, Virginia and Taos, maybe more. What I have in my head is a whole lot of art, which I hope finds its way to fruition.

May your New Year be full of possibilities that we recognize and seize, ideas we leap on with enthusiasm, books that we cannot put down and flavors that make us pause in bliss. May our journals and lives be full of graciousness, blessings and appreciation. May we all find simplicity and authenticity, help and true friendship.

Make it merry, make it mellow. The best to all of you!



  1. That puppy looks adorable…I’m not sure I could be that mellow 🙂

    I’ve lived with a couple of odd creatures these past years and I’m glad to say we are all emerging from an intense growth period much wiser. And I’m sure there is more growth ahead.

    I love your journal wish. That’s where I will be starting in 2014. I enjoy your work Jill and your desire for authenticity.

    • Thank you Johanne, and I am not nearly as mellow as the pup either. He is a great example for us!
      Nice to connect with the mom of other odd creatures! The best to you.

  2. I love the puppy pic Jill! If we could all be that mellow.
    I agree that 2013 was a challenging year. We will use all of those nuggets of wisdom, every skill we learned and all of the emotions that we built upon to blow 2014 wide open. Or at least to float through it with much grace and peace, right?
    Love ya!

  3. Wow! You’re coming here!

  4. Great post! Thanks for the inspiration and your words of encouragement.

  5. I hope the new year brings you fewer challenges, and the possibilities turn into great opportunities. Since I can’t see you at Artfest anymore, I hope I get to see you in Virginia in the fall.

  6. It was a messy year, that 2013. I think you are right about fitting it all together. It is not going to be any easier. I just need to learn to deal better.

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