Gera, Miró, Bird, and Picasso

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To celebrate my new stencils I did a spread in my journal for each of the stencils with the person who inspired them.


Gera is an Ethiopian artist and doctor who made paintings of talismanic characters for his patients to heal, them using what he called “the secrets arts of heaven.” I found his work in the book Afrikan Alphabets.  and was instantly drawn drawn to the shapes and the context of his characters.

This is another page of healing in my journal I did with the Gera Stencils.




Joan Miró and I have been friends for ages. I am inspired by the fact that his artistic styles are all over the map like mine, and I love the playful energy of his calligraphic marks. A few years ago I created my own alphabet inspired by him, which I use in my journals frequently and now have used in these stencils.


A while back I had the great pleasure of hearing Maya Angelou speak. I have read many of her books. This stencil is a quote from her that goes like this

“A bird does not sing because it has the answers, it sings because it has a song.”


Pablo Picasso was the subject of an exhibit I saw in Venice, Italy years ago that was so beautifully done I came away feeling like I knew him just a little bit. His journey in art never ceased, it changed but never, never ceased. I admire that among many other things about this artist. The background is done with his stencil and dye inks with a stencil brush.

All of these stencils are meant to add a bit of magic to your art, a little rhythmic texture full of history, beauty and words.

Leave me a comment about one of your art heroes or sheroes, and I will draw a name for a winner of the whole set.

Good luck!


  1. OMG, these pages are so beautiful! They make me so much wanting these cool stencils. I cannot stop looking at these pages, they are absolutely great! My art shero is Ines Waldbrunn. She opened my heart and my mind for free painting and enabled me to develop myself into an anxiety free artist.

  2. I’d love to see what kind of Frida Kahlo stencil you’d make!

  3. Love your work… and stencils.

  4. I love your new stencils. My art hero is Monet. I love his Water Lily series.

  5. My heroes in art are the ones who use art to help them through difficult times in life…..illness, injury, trauma, depression, etc. As a middle-aged gal who has experienced heartache and hurt, I find a refuge in the Lord and in the newfound art and music that He gives me each day. I am inspired and encouraged by others who have done the same.
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  6. Gotta go with Georgia O’Keeffe – her flowy, organic lines and bold use of color always inspire me. Also, Klimt- I LOVE his patterns! (btw, these stencils make me swoon… they are beautiful! I asked for them for Christmas. If Santa doesn’t deliver, I’ll be my own person Santa. Home run on these stencil designs- for sure!)

  7. Is it sacrilege to not have an art (s)hero? I admit I passed Art History with an acceptable grade, but I’ve never taken to one artist in particular, contemporary, modern or otherwise. I am more fascinated with the art itself. My current fascination is with hyperrealism – love this. I also enjoy many, many, many other kinds of art and craftsmanship & the beauty in nature.
    If I had to say who was an art hero, I would say they are the ones who persevere despite doubt. Their desire to create must be greater than any misgivings they may have about their ability, so they create.

  8. I just read a great historical fiction book about the artist, Emily Carr who preserved much of the Eskimo art (totem poles, painted walls, etc) in Vancouver area….I’m fascinated by her courage and commitment! Love your new stencils and how you used them…very beautiful!

  9. Lovely stencils, Jill – and after seeing all the wonderful art pieces on the blog hop, I really enjoyed reading about your inspiration for them. As my art hero I would like to mention the Danish artist Kurt Trampedach.

  10. I’ve been smitten with joseph cornell’s work ever since I heard about him… so many layers of shapes and images come together to make a whole composition — I look forward to creating similar depth with stenciling.

  11. Leonardo da Vinci is my hero. Artist, scientist, inventor, journaler and writer of fables. He did it all. Plus, he was gay too!

  12. Stunning! I am love with your stencils. I can see so many uses for them. Please don’t ever stop creating them. 🙂 Happy Holidays.

  13. fabulous stencils…thank you for the chance to win a set…I love all types of art…loving the Impressionists right now…I think because I’m dreaming of spring and warmer weather…

  14. These pages are as gorgeous as they are inspirational!

    This may sound hokey, but at the moment my heroes are all of those fighting cancer. I have had quite a few friends pass away from it lately and still quite a few more at stage 4 & 5 fighting the fight. Anyone who goes thru that harsh treatment and fights to stay alive deserves way more than hero worship in my book… thank you for the opportunity to win such fantastic work!
    Happy Holidays! textilerecycler(at) yahoo(dot) com

  15. beautiful works, the stencil play is amazing

    an Artist friend I admin is Dede Willingham, she shares her knowledge and work with a warm and open heart.


  16. I absolutely love your stencils! The hop was a blast! Seeing so many exciting ways to use your stencils was inspiring to say the least.Two of my favorite artists who has given me the courage to start creating art/journaling/mixed media is Christy Sobolewski and Effy.

  17. My art hero is my father. He had his own school furniture business, but would spend nights painting, carving styrofoam for solid sand cast aluminum pieces, and later in his life, added stained glass. Many weekends saw my parents, two brothers and me in the station wagon, traveling the southern US to art shows. Often he would stop to sketch out what would be paintings of Cajun life and swamps, but he would intersperse a five or ten minute challenge to sketch what you see, or sketch the movement of the wildlife or find the beauty in the elegance of a pussy willow stalk. I had no idea what he meant on that last one. As we grew older, he encouraged us to add our pieces to his booth at the shows. Tissue flowers for twenty five cents was my first foray, dickering with buyers who wanted to pay a dime…early seventies here, for price reference. Each of the six kids gravitated to a different medium. Funny how that happened. … I do like the three generations of Wyeths, each one for different visual intesity of their work …including Henriette…had such a remarkable style.

  18. I love your journal pages, and the explanations you gave about each of your favorite artists. Lovely! My favorite painter is Monet. My mother copied one of his paintings, when she was a teenager. As a child, I would stare at that painting, and I fell in love with it. That painting is now hanging in my house.
    Thanks for the chance to win your stencils. If I don’t win them, I’ll definitely be purchasing a set. djanelle(at)austin(dot)rr(dot)com

  19. Beautiful contributions to these artists,Jill. So many artists inspire me on different levels but if I have to pick one, I’d say Elyssa Rundle, an abstract expressionist, of which I have two of her paintings. ~Hobby

  20. Fabulous, each of them. Dali would be a logical addition.

  21. wow! Truly wonderful! I really love all the textures, colors and overlay work in your art. Truly lovely!

  22. I love all of your journal pages. So inspiring and creative. One of my favorite artists is Van Gogh. I was able to see his exhibit at the LACMA gallery. To be able to view his work up close, see how thick the paint and his brush strokes were, was amazing.

    Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to win a set of all the stencils.


  23. I love Van Gogh…I love that he painted what he saw and that he saw things the way he did. so much texture and movement, and very romantic. I love that he was so devoted to his work.
    Thank you for sharing your work, it is beautiful. Your stencils are fantastic. =)

  24. I have always enjoyed the impossibilities/possibilities of Salvador Dali’s art work. Not that I’ve ever tried to emulate it, but it just attracts me. Would love to try out your stencils, though. Thanks. 😉

  25. Fabulous Jill!
    I’m just starting my artistic journey so I would choose Ineke Berlyn who showed me that yes – I can do it!!

  26. You’re always an inspiration Jill, love how you’ve honored your sources of inspiration.

  27. i forgot to add my email address to my post, oops.

  28. I have always admired Leonardo DaVinci, and this summer visited an exhibit of his work. I think I read every word on the displays! Your stencils are amazingly detailed, and I loved seeing your pages and hearing about the inspiration for them. Thank you for the chance to win them!

  29. Love the stencils! And the pages your created using them are wonderful. Would love to try them.

  30. My art hero is Alphonse Mucha, called the Father of Art Nouveau.i would love to see you do an alphabet stencil in this style, Jill!

  31. thank you for the explaination and inspiration! your stencils are some of my favorites

  32. Love your stencils and the fact that they each have a story. I haven’t really ever used stencils in my art journalling.. would like to start. I have no end of art heroes… to me anyone who is passionate art is an inspiration. But I would like to mention Danny Gregory who started to draw as a healing process and who has diligently spread the word about the pleasures and addiction that daily drawing can offer. He makes it okay to draw everyday mundane objects through to more complex scenes.. he encourages us to record our lives in sketch and that it doesn’t have to be a photographic rendering. He teaches the fun of the process as a priority over the results. He got me drawing regularly and I have never looked back.

    • Christine, I also think Danny Gregory has been a huge inspiration for thousands of people, and I too have learned a great deal from him. And, he is just a very nice guy! Thanks for coming by.

  33. Jill, Your art is so incredible! Thanks for sharing. The colorful healing page with the large hand-what media did you use? Would you share specifically with brand names & how you layered the color? I so appreciate you! Wish I lived closer & also had the money to attend your workshops!

    • Linda, this page was painted with acrylics, lots of messy color. I then traced my hand and added the white fingertips with Signo Gel Pen, and added layers of stencils on the wrist and hand with acrylics using a cosmetic sponge. The opposite page was done the same way. Thanks for the kudos, I wish we could work together too!

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