TEXTures 2 Stencils are OUT!

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IMG_9875Lucky, lucky me and if you are here now, lucky you!

I have another set of stencils out with Artistcellar as a part of Artistcellar Signature Series Stencils. This set is called TEXTures 2, and it is abstracted calligraphic poetry inspired by people I admire.

You have 13 chances to win a set of all four of these stencils.

All you need to do is visit the list of blogs below and see what amazing things these talented people have done with my stencils. I can hardly wait to see them myself!
12/7 Artistcellar
12/8 Kecia Deveney
12/9 Sketchbook Challenge
12/10 Brian KasstleĀ 
12/11 Mel KolstadĀ 
12/12 Kim Rae Nugent
12/13 Jodi Ohl
12/14 Effy Wild
12/15 Tamara Laporte
12/16 Jane Davenport
12/17 Chris Cozen
12/18 Guadalupe Brizuela Cabal
12/19 Jill Berry

Leave a comment on each blog for a chance to win.

I will have two posts this time, one on Sketchbook Challenge on Dec 9th, then back here on the 19th. Leave comments on those posts to have a chance at the win.

Good luck!



  1. I love the idea of using poems, but with the letters distorted and looking abstract. As a speech-language pathologist by trade (tho not by heart)the idea really speaks to me. I’d love to have a set of them to play with! Great ideas for the holiday art. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. I had a great inspirational time visiting the blog hop artists using your new Texture 2 stencils. I would love to win a set to try some of the new techniques I have picked up from these artists. Thanks for the opportunity!!

  3. How I adore your stencils, and thoroughly enjoyed seeing what other artists have done with them! Amazing inspiration all around! For me, it’s all about texture these days!

  4. oh I would sure love to have these!

  5. very unusual stencils and nice. I would love to use them on my art work.

  6. How cool to use your owns stencil line in your art! I just love your stencils because i have loved and practiced calligraphy for the past 30 years and what could be more fun than adding text to your art?

  7. It’s great seeing what others are doing with the stencils! I have the first set and love them.

  8. I love blog hopping, I’m relatively new to Art Journaling (I’ve always been more of a crafter) so visiting the blogs give me inspiration and these templates will certainly help when I do Lifebook 2014. Thank you.

  9. these are wonderful and would be a staple in my stencil cache, so many different looks to be achieved.

  10. Love these stencils and what folks are doing with them! I am thrilled about the words embedded in them. The meshing of word language with art language is magical and powerful ! Can’t wait to get these stencils!

  11. This blog hop has been the best. Your stencils have enhanced such a variety of projects…all beautiful. I particularly loved the etched metal book cover. Gorgeous!

  12. I have a bunch of stencils – and I use them a lot. There are so many wonderful designs out there – but I must say that your stencil designs really spoke to me. If I don’t win I will definitely be buying a set.

  13. I just love your stencils and the way all the artists have used them. I am a new art journaler and think they would add great interest to the pages. Awesome!

  14. Jill, I love your new set of stencils! Awesome. You bet I’d love to win a set!

  15. gosh, i sure do love the stencils and all the artists have done amazing things with them. i would like to try them out and sure hope i can win. thanks for all the chances. xoxo

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