Thankful Thursday

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I want to be thankful today, to fall into the gratitude I feel for the people who treat me with such wonderful generosity and kindness.


Sally Livermen, a friend from just south of here and a talented calligrapher, gave me this very tiny book press that her husband made. The cuteness factor is only slightly outweighed by the fact that it presses the very small books that get lost in my big press. IMG_9992Suzi Brown was in my class at the Summit Calligraphy Conference. She made this sweet felted pouch for me, and inside are my brand new Moo Business cards. Do you just love those tiny blue eggs?


Marjorie was in the same class as Suzi, it was called “An Intimate Atlas”. They did wonderful work and we had a very bonded group, which is such a great pleasure for three days running. Marjorie wrote me a warm note that will go straight into my “I Love Me” file. That is the one you get out on slow sad days to remind you of the juicy good parts just around the corner. If you see me donning these earrings you know where they came from.

IMG_9994This last summer I took a class by default. The one I had signed up for was cancelled and my kids already had one foot out the door to Ghost Ranch, so I had to pick a class the same week. I chose a pottery class with Doug Lind. You can read about him on my post here. 

It was fortuitous for both of us, we liked each other and I had a blast. Sometimes it is good to be the most beginnerish of the lot because I had nothing to prove or lose, having never done anything with clay or making clay before. Doug just sent me some photos and a nice note about what fun we had.

I am moved and warmed by each of these people and what they have done for me. Sometimes just taking the time to tell someone you like them and are glad to know them is bigger than you can imagine in its effect. Especially, for me, if it comes by way of the U.S. mail. I just love getting mail.

Thursdays are going to be my thanks days from now on.


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  1. Hey! I like you and I’m more than glad to know you! I would have sent this by USPS, but I don’t have your address! 🙂

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