Wonderful Women Week

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DU Ladies This week I taught at Denver University, a group of wonderful women who painted fabulous papers for two days. We had a BLAST! That is after the security snafoo of being locked out of the building was sorted out…

We cut and used stencils in many layers, tried about fifteen surface techniques and even played with sumi and walnut ink. We talked about how to reel in chaos, and this is my demo from that discussion.

Chaos demo

My muse showed up on the left, and my hand on the right, with all the ideas seeping into the fingers. There are layers of paint, marker and stencils over the top of a demo on using black sumi ink and crayon resist. The turquoise circles are the crayon.

Three days later I had a group of 12 over to my house to make a journal. We chatted, laughed a whole lot and made some journals that we will fill up in the upcoming year as a group.


There is absolutely nothing like sharing your love of all things arty with a tribe like this.


We sat out in the sun and shared yummy food and stories.

Now I am off to teach for a week in Portland, Oregon. Will go canoeing with my brother, catch up with friends and even have a couple of days at the beach.

While I am gone there will be two blog hop giveaways here, one for Jane Davenport and one for Dawn DeVries Sokol.

Happy arting!



  1. What a wonderful experience . . . the opportunities to attend sessions like this are so limited where I am. I expect I am turning a little green!

  2. I meant to add that I love the idea of your muse and your embellished hand being in the same image. 🙂

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