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Goddess Circle

These days I am working on art for my book, which I cannot publish. So, for long hours each day I am in my studio making stuff and writing about it. Even though I am most often alone here, I am surrounded by evidence of talented and generous men and women that I am so fortunate to know.

Sanna, or Susan Burgess, sent me this fabulous little book, a turn-of-the-century travel journal that is left for me to fill out. It has a huge fold out map in the back of it that was crispy and torn, but I repaired it and folded it back in. The book smells like my Aunt Mary’s house, which brought lovely memories wafting about when I opened the box. Thank you Sanna!

My friend Libby Rehm covered the giant clothes pin with gems and embossed metal. She does stunning work and is a brainy gal to boot.

I met Deb Averitt at Art & Soul retreat in Virginia last year. This year not only came back to one of my classes, she brought me this very cool pencil holder she made out of National Geographic maps. I wish she live around the corner.

The black and white ceramic piece was made by one fabulously talented friend, Leah Simmons DeCapio, who has a wonderful little gallery up in the mountains near here. The gallery is full of work from her friends and family, and there is no way you can leave there without a couple of treasures at least.

The boy in the photo is my son Sam, when he was in kindergarten. He was given to me by Erin, who created this magnificent creature. Sam, by the way, graduated from 8th grade last night. As we left the gym the principal of his school grabbed him and hugged him and said “I just love this boy.”

Thank you everybody in this view today. Will be adding more gratitude from my studio soon!



  1. Yay so glad you like the travel journal it was so absolutely you Jill! I knew I couldn’t hoard it for myself. I wish all gifts were as easy to find!!! Glad you were able to repair the old map too! I wonder if someone of the Titanic might have had a copy of that same journal?
    Congratulations to Sam for graduating what I considered my hardest years of school! I have a Masters degree and still thought Jr High was the worst socially. Kids were so ruthless it always got easier from there for me be sure to tell Sam I said so. Plus he’s very handsome too.
    Love all your other handmade gifties, you are getting spoiled my friend. Make doing the book all the more fun.Can’t wait to see it when it comes out! Hugs, Sanna

    • Sanna, I thought of the Titanic too! And I agree about Middle School, I have told my kids that it is as close to Hell they might get while alive. They both did well. He is handsome, thank you. He will very much like that you said so. And yes, I am very spoiled. Some of them I bought though…

  2. hi jill! i am new to your blog and wanted to just say tx for sharing and inspiring! i am having so much fun cruising around your blog, looking at your beautiful art and all your fun artsy stuff, i just knew i liked you right away! don’t change a thing, just keep on being you! aloha, angi in hana

  3. I can’t use my parabolicmuse email in wordpress comments because for some reason it rejects them every time. Anyway, This is sweet. This is poignant and lovely. If I ever come over I’m going to look for that book and borrow it. (fair warning)
    Looks yummy.

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