Bombs Away!

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My baby nephew Ian contemplates the universe.

This morning my girl went to school, for the last week of finals. An hour later she sent a text that the school had  a bomb scare, and that she and the other kids were headed to the gym.

We turn on the news. In fact, there is a bomb scare at her school in the headlines. While I know that this kind of thing most often ends up fine, I do not want my beautiful girl huddled with frightened masses of other children, even for one minute. We watched the news, and waited for updates.

In the meantime I think, what can I do to balance out this ghastly fear that is creeping up my spine? In these situations I feel compelled to find cosmic balance, to remind myself of the people who have effects on others that are just the opposite of this terrorizing experience. I thought of one such person and wrote him a fan letter, to thank him for being on the other side of the cosmic teeter-totter, playing for the good guys. That person was Danny Gregory, who if you do not know is not just a person of great talent, but also of great generosity. Buy his books, read his blog. You will be glad you did. He is also teaching classes now, and if I was not in the middle of a huge deadline, I would head right on out to attend.

Danny wrote back, to thank me for my words. Cosmic balance, it is a heartwarming treasure.

The bomb event has been resolved. I still feel edgy, but also grateful for the people and agencies set up to protect our kids.

The picture above it an illustration I did of my nephew Ian, when he was a baby about a year old. His face was so full of curiosity. He was so calm in the world. That is what I wish for us all. Away with the bombs and their threats, welcome beauty and balance.

Have a wonderful day. Thank you for coming by. Go say hello to Danny. 



  1. Jill,
    thank you for the suggestion to check out Danny’s blog. I wasn’t familiar with him and really was inspired by his artwork/journals.

  2. Yes, Danny is a gift to the Universe-as are people like you. It is all good-no matter what it looks like. Might the same be said of our art? Smile, wink!

  3. Thank you Pam, that makes me happy.

  4. Linda, I am glad I could share something new with you!

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