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Dawn DeVries Sokol is a friend, an author, a doodler, a journaler, and an energetic artist. She has just published  this journal for the inexperienced journaler, the fearful of white pages, the personal who does not currently know how valuable journaling is. All characteristics that do not apply to me. I have always been a white page lover, a no-prep jump-in journaler. I don’t need thoughtful prompts and ideas on colorful backgrounds.

Well, that was until I dove in on this one.

Each page has a bit’O magic built in color, small amounts of text, ephemera and prompts that make it ever so easy to flow with a casual day of  journaling. That is what I had today. I took this journal with me on a long day of errands, to IKEA and everywhere else, my idea of hell day since I am not a shopper. After all the business I had to do was done, I took myself out to a spy lunch, one where I spend my time spying on everyone else in the restaurant. I listen when I can, make up stories about what drama might be unfolding. Dawn had a page for drawing a week of faces, which I completed during my lunch.

A lunch of faces


I took the journal with me to a class on encaustic, and used it to take notes.

Encaustic class with Alix

I took it to a journal meet-up, and everyone wanted one.

Towards the end of the journal, in a section called “Wanderlust,” there are prompts having to do with exploring ourselves and our world. I am all about exploring, you gotta know that. I picked a spread with the prompt that said “My Dream Hometown” at the top. I copied her writing and added “is on the beach.”

Two page spread of Dream Town

Left page

My Dream beach cottage


I think I may end up filling this baby up. It was fun to use these pink pages that brought to mind the slow fire of sunset I watched when living on Kauai many years ago.

Dawn will be doing a huge giveaway tomorrow to  celebrate this new book of hers.

It will include a signed copy of the book, some pens, a journal she made, and some other goodies.

Head on over to sign up!




  1. I love your work here. I cannot wait to get a copy of the book!!!

  2. I was just looking at this book for an Art House Co-op map making challenge. I loved it!

  3. Ohhhhhh, I would be soooooo happy if you picked me. I will be visiting my parents next ten days in north PHX. Winning this gift would be so wonderful. Heidi

  4. I am not a lover of “pink” . . . But your pages are fabulous! I have NEVER thought of making backgrounds in a journal and using the journal just for notes . . . . HOW FUN!!!!!

    Annette Maloney

  5. I love what you’ve done with this nice book. And youre dreamhouse looks so nice and cmfy 🙂
    Liefs, Melanie

  6. Oh Jill, this is absolutely breathtaking. So lively and full of feeling!!! I love it!! But it makes me feel a little like throwing my colors and pencil away….

  7. enjoyed reading your post and seeing what you did in Dawn’s book.

  8. A wonderful friend has just purchased this book for me and I can’t wait to get started.

    Your artwork is stunning. 🙂

  9. Jill, I love the creative lettering you add to your doodles. Glad you are part of the online Art Doodle Love group 🙂 Linda

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