Today, and Italy in May

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Today while the blossoms still cling to the vine,
I’ll taste your strawberries, I’ll drink your sweet wine.
A million tomorrow shall all pass away,
‘ere I forget all the joy that is mine, today.
John Denver


Today my book is #1 on Amazon. That is huge for me.


I am also planning my trip to Orvieto in May. You can join me, and you should. A week of wonder, May 5-11, 2013. This is my second time teaching there, and my seventh time visiting there. I adore Italy.

Italy is one of the most sumptuous and sensuous places I have ever been. When I arrived in Florence for my graduate studies program, I was struck by the smells of the city, immediately. Fresh bread, the farmer’s markets, deep red wines, perfume. And the language, a lyrical bit of heaven and history, some of which I will share with you during the class. Going to Italy is akin to choosing to fall back into a sweet dream.

D. H. Lawrence says it best.

“For us to go to Italy and to penetrate into Italy is like a most fascinating act of self-discovery, back down the old ways of time. Strange and wonderful chords awake in us, and vibrate again after many hundreds of years of complete forgetfulness.”

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