SASSY girls and a Good Idea

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In November, two months ago, egads how time flies, I invited some enchanting ladies to join me in the mountains for four days to make art and plans for making more art. Carol Sloan, Kim Rae Nugent and Liz Kettle and I rented a cabin and filled it with art and fun. We call ourselves Smarty Artists’ (Sumptuous)  Summit, or S.A.S.S.

We had an elk head on the wall we named “Bernard.” We dressed him up and drew him.

We had a view out our window of the Rocky Mountains, and the forest.

The dining room table soon filled up with so many supplies and projects that we had to eat in the living room.




We made lots of journal pages.

We made great food, pondered life and the pursuit of the artful career. We laughed, a lot.

At the end we set out our wishes for the upcoming year, and that year is here.

What I hope for all of you this year is a communion like this one. A creative time with creative friends. Make a plan like this, it will keep you going for quite a while. Get to know someone new, take time to know someone better. Feed your friendships and your art at the same time.

On top of it all I learned a  new southern phrase from Carol (among other things…), and that is “a gracious plenty.” Sums it up pretty well.

May 2013 be filled with a gracious plenty for all of us.



  1. Save a spot for me…

  2. wow..sounded like a great time was had by all…Thank you for sharing this!

  3. Looks like the most wonderful time. I am available for future get-togethers !!!!!

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