California and Haiku

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It is the week after Christmas and I am in California. This is where I was born and raised, and where my heart is. I love the sea, the salt air, the palm trees with their ridiculous trunks.

I have been journaling.

The owl has been on my mind. More on that later.

Watching Dr. Who with my kids and mom.

My girl, my mom, and the back of my boy in a hat.

I have been crafting it up in my mom’s extraordinary sewing room, making creatures from socks and parts of socks.

Natives made of knee socks

Even crafted a sea monster.

Sock Sea Monster

We have been visiting, drinking tea, eating fabulous meals, watching old family movies and running the dogs on the beach. We went whale watching, and saw no whales, but had our faces in the sea air watching dolphins and their babies, leaping simultaneously in the foam.

I have been resting, imagining, reading, drawing and slowing way, way down. It is a treasure of a time. My kids are off with their aunts and uncles and I love that. There has been rain, and cooking, and sweets. We are all healthy. What else does one need?

It is Friday, and time for a haiku.

Socks, art, family
All I need I have right here
Time together treasured.

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  1. Beautifully written post. And so true…

  2. Sounds absolutely blissful! Enjoy the rest of your stay and be warm for us in the rest of the country. Happy New Year!

  3. I love the sock creatures and have four sock monkeys of my own. One of my students made me a fabric creature which I still have displayed checking me out as I work in my studio/office. Glad you are resting and enjoying family time.

  4. Your journals are very lovely and free. I love the sock monsters. They are adorable and fun.

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