12/12/12 and my Facebook Friends

Posted by on Dec 12, 2012 in About me | 2 comments

What does this date mean in numerology? “It’s just a cute day,” said Underwood Dudley, a retired professor of mathematics at DePauw University in Greencastle, Ind., and author of “Numerology.”

Today I celebrate having 2102 Friends on Facebook. I thought I would fly in the face of fate and manage to collect 2012 friends on 12/12/12. Why not? May even buy a lottery ticket today.

Thank you friends, for hanging out for my stencil giveaway, my holiday tutorial hop, for checking out my teaching schedule for 2103, for reading the interview and entering the giveaway on Susan Tuttle’s blog, for planning your trip to Italy with me!

Thank you friends for support, cheering on, providing links for huge laughs and beautiful things. Thank you for chatting with me at four in the morning when I could not sleep, and for thinking of me after years apart. Thank you to my 2012 Friends on Facebook.


  1. You may add me to your long list of cyber friends who visit you regularly and appreciate your art but arle too shy or lazy to comment!

    • What? Too shy? But I want to know you! Thanks for stopping and landing Barbara.

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