Twinkling Tuesday

Posted by on Nov 20, 2012 in Creative Exercises | 5 comments

I have been painting with Twinkling H2Os and Silks for the last two days, on black pages in my journal. Aside from the fact that these are the only glittery products I use, I also signed on to teach online classes in 2013 on their sight, to spread the Twinkly Love!

I use Arches Cover in black in my journals because it is a rich black, a sturdy paper and I like the surface for not only painting, but pastels and pencils.

First I made a card.

Then I added Twinks and Silks to a drawing I had done with gel pens.

Then I added some houses with white Prismacolor pencil, and added layers of Twinks and Silks to them. Like I always say, you gotta have a village.

These faces started appearing in my journals a few weeks ago. Is that eye a compass rose ? I drew with pencil then layered on the lusciousness.

One page in my journal had some face sketches on it. I added Twinks there too.

Finally, I got inspired by some patterns on Japanese ceremonial robes.

One of the classes I will be teaching for Luminarte is a painted story in a box. It is called “Temple of Twinkling Dreams”.

For information on the classes, please sign up here. You will then be notified when the classes finally post! We are not quite ready yet, but very soon.

In the meantime, enjoy the week, the festivities, the glittery loveliness of those around you. Pick up your journal and make a gratitude page.Call your granny and the veterans you know and tell them how fab they are. Kiss your kid, even when their teenage selves push away.

I am going to be grateful, consciously, all week and hopefully long after it is over!


  1. Jill,

    I love your paintings! I went to the Luminarte site and they didn’t have your class listed. I signed up for their newsletter. Will your class be an online class? Have a fantastic Thanksgiving!


    • My listings are not ready, I jumped the gun. Yes, they will be online.
      If you sign up for the newsletter they will let you know.
      Happy Turkey day to you too!

  2. Hi Jill! I am very excited about your Silks class but I can’t find any information about it. The link only took me to my luminarte art account page. i would like to grow my knowledge of the silks product and this looks like a fun project to work on..

    • Laurie, the classes are not up yet, but if you have an account you will be notified when they are!

  3. I am inspired to get out my twinkling H20’s and black paper. Rich colors over black – lovely! Your painted story in a box was one of the many fun projects that I enjoyed in your classes.

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