Maira Kalman and her message to me.

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I love, love, Love Maira Kalman, all her characters, all her colors and feelings spilling all over the page. Get to the bookstore or library and treat yourself to The Principles of Uncertainty or  Max the Dog.

I found this video link on Lisa Hoffman’s blog, and she is fab too, so here I am sharing these two wonderful women. This was perfect for me today, sitting around being crotchety over nothing. Maira snapped me out of it, quick.

Haiku for Today

I have enough, now
Riches untold, dreams, blessings
I have enough, now.

For more Haiku, go to Haiku My Heart.


  1. Thank you for sharing not only the wisdom of your haiku, but these links. I loved Lisa’s loopy optimism… and will explore the principles of uncertainty and maybe have a crepe suzette with Max…

    • If you do share a crepe with Max, I want to hear all about it. Oolala!

  2. ‘scuse me… Maria’s loopy optimism!

  3. Thanks for sharing this video, I usually skip video’s on the internet but somehow this one – or your words? – made me watch it and I’m glad I did! Ich habe genug, ‘ik heb genoeg’ (in Dutch) – I will take that with me in the weekend. Enjoy your weekend too!

  4. To have enough is a blessed state indeed!

    Everywhere the Stars

  5. I have bookmarked your links for watching when I get home from traveling. Your haiku was written for me. Thx.

  6. Amazing that Kalman excels in illustration and writing!

  7. thank you jill for the beauty and wit of marira kalman. sheer delight…and your haiku?
    perfect affirmation for each new day!

  8. Very wise, and the repeat works very well. 🙂 A blessed state indeed to be satisfied.

    Leo, at I Rhyme Without Reason.

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