More Magical Ghost Ranch

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Spending a week under the stars in the southwest desert is a gift. The storms rolled in. I appreciated my tent.

The rain fell in curtains.

The flowers bloomed, Janet collected specimens for us to draw.

Indian paintbrush

The common sunflower


Check out the colors of these beauties!

Some of what we saw was moving, in an embrace all of life way.

The hills there are layers of history. You can read that history in the colors.

Each color is a different set of years, of circumstances.

We went to Echo Canyon, where there is a natural, painted amphitheater.

The painted walls of Echo Canyon.


I painted some ancient, gnarled roots.

Mother Nature’s version.

My version.


This desert showed itself to us, gloriously.

A cathedral.

I will return to the desert, over and over.




  1. I can almost smell the pinon and fresh air and desert RAIN….ahhhh…… Love your watercolors but that ROOT *swoon*

  2. I agree, there is nothing like camping out and drawing in the desert. Beautiful photos and artwork!

  3. Beautiful! Beautiful! Love Indian Paintbrushes and rain in curtains. Thank you for sharing you trip with us!

  4. Jill the colours are breathtaking!! I just read that you may be in Taos in October. Marco and I will be there for 4 days celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary. Maybe we’ll have time for a quick hello! xx

  5. Gorgeous! You bring it all to life!

  6. AWSOME phots,sketches…everything! glad to hear you are enjoying to the fullest. thanks for sharing too!

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