The Magic of Ghost Ranch

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Last week I was entirely surrounded by beauty. Ghost Ranch is a magical, wonderful place that I love in the north eastern part of New Mexico. I took a field sketching class with Helen Byers and Janet Darrow. They were wonderful teachers, and the other class members were inspiring.

Kitchen Mesa overlooks the valley.

The swallows build mud nests and we drew them.

I made notes about the habits of swallows


These five fat babies were a huge treat.

I went hiking up to Chimney Rock.




This is at the top, where you can see forever.

I drew the sheep.

And more sheep.

I camped with my girl, and her friend, Flip

Here is our view.

We ate apricots, and drew lizards.


It was a wonderful, colorful, delightful week.

Taos is nearby. I will be taking a group there to paint in October.

More Ghost Ranch goodness tomorrow!





  1. The drawings – and page compositions are wonderful!

  2. I like this so much I’m having trouble closing the page!

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