Fires and Journals, and a winner

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Colorado has been on fire for most of this month. This week the fires came close to my house, and the houses of very good friends. My eyes and lungs were burning, it was impossible to go outside, so my daughter and I headed to Lake McConaughy, Nebraska. This lake is only four hours from our house and we have never been there, so off we went.

We forgot to take books. How do readers like us forget books? Our time there was an exercise in simplicity: we had no internet, no computer and nothing to read. I did thankfully have my journal.

We swam the first couple of days, in 108°, but at least there was water to jump in. My girl found friends.













I chatted up the locals, including a couple who sat together at the end of the pier for sunset.

Most everyone we met owned the kind of equipment one needs an extra garage or two to store: boats, jet skis, RV’s big enough to entertain the troops.
















We stayed in a very funky hotel and ate at a funky restaurant one morning. The place served biscuits, gravy, Folgers and a heavy dose of “darlin”.

I set up chairs and umbrellas to make a journaling station.

Sydney floated on the raft.

I painted the scenery.

I worried about home, and watched the news. Then the biting flies came, and we left. The worst insect experience of my life, the kind that makes you want to ask the creator “What were you thinking???”
















We got home last night. Today there is still smoke, but far less danger, we hope.

You can hear about the rest of my adventure on the podcast I did while there. This is also posted on my home page, which you can click on at the top of this page.

And today, I picked a winner for the Joggles gift certificate. The winner is #47 Tracy Blanchard! Congratulations Tracy!


  1. Love the biting flies from hell. I detest no-see-ums. Teensy little annoying flies that leave a huge festering bite wound. (Aren’t you glad I shared that) Continuing to pray for your area.

  2. Very fun journal pages! I love seeing your unique Spin on the landscape and it’s inhabitants. Biting Buggies?…..eeeew. PASS.
    See you when you come home.

  3. Congratulations to Tracy! It’s too bad your forced vacation had such a bite to it! 😉 Glad your home is safe. We have a fire going about 25 miles from our home here in Utah. The air wasn’t bad today. It feels like the whole state is catching fire when you watch the news. So sad for all the families whose homes are being destroyed. Best wishes for a safe and fire free weekend!

  4. Love your drawings, paintings, and that two-page journal spread. When life takes you out of the ordinary, it’s so good to keep memories of it. Even bad experiences like biting flies are worth the memory. Turning hardships into art is as good for you as eating your veggies.

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