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Artfest Package 2

Welcome to my new website!

You are at one of the two blogs here, and you can hit “HOME” above to see the rest of the website. You should find all the is digital, web me here now, instead of going to three places as before. I am so excited to get started here, and we are just now getting started.

I decided to do a big giveaway to celebrate.

I have two packages chock full of Artfest Memorabilia. These are unused, brand new trades, purchases and extras that have to do with Artfest. My studio is overfull with wonderfulness from all of you, I just needed to pare down and share, and also honor the last ever Artfest. Each package has journals, trades, postcards, maps, ephemera, stencils or stamps and even a tiny book I threw in for good measure.

Artfest Package 1

Here are the rules:

1. Leave a comment about what you think makes a workshop EXCELLENT. You will earn 1 point toward the drawings.

2.  Leave a review on my book, Personal Geographies: Explorations in Mixed-Media Mapmaking on one of three sites, and let me know you did it. For this you get 3 bonus points.


Barnes and Noble

3.  Create a post about this giveaway on your blog, and link it to this site, and let me know that you did that. For this you get 3 Bonus Points.

A potential of 7 Points for seven chances at these two packages. Who knows, maybe all Artfest memorabilia will appreciate over time? This could be not only fun, visually pleasing, but also lucrative for you!

Some notes: I can only send within the U.S. since I am sending flat rate boxes. And, you have to leave an email or I will not be able to enter you in the draw.

I look forward to all the input you give about workshops, I am really wanting to know, so give it your best! Thanks for coming by and sharing my new website with me. Much more to come!

 The drawing will be held this Friday, June 8th at 10 pm mst.


  1. Congratulations Jill on your new and improved website design! I have been waiting to see what you have come up with and of course I am dazzled. I wish that I was there in person to celebrate! Have an awesome day! Oh, and thank you in advance, I see a couple ideas that I can make to my blog 🙂

  2. I love to DO the activity in a workshop as opposed to just seeing it and hearing about it. I need to DO it to fully wrap my brain around it!

  3. Hi Jill!
    I shared this on facebook and tweeted about it! I also wrote a review for your book on Amazon! I am still counting my lucky stars that I got the chance to meet you and get one of your awesome maps for Artfesters! Thank you!
    Angela Rae
    PS. What makes a workshop EXCELLENT is the personal attentiveness that the teacher gives to each student. I have been in many, many workshops and the ones that stand out in my mind, are the ones where the teacher connected with each student and gave feedback and suggestions to all! 🙂

  4. AWESOME~how generous and fun. THANKS!!

  5. OOPS~workshops are fun for me when they are informative, hands on make it and take it, and full of laughter!

  6. Congrats Jill! Lovethe new website. I’ll be sending lots of blog love and book reviews your way soon! ~Hobby

  7. What a fun giveaway! I did a blog post; here’s the link:

    I think one of the most important thing about a great workshop is a teacher that is excited about what she is teaching. I love online classes and for that type of workshop, to me there is nothing better than an awesome video that you can watch over and over.

    Thanks for sharing your goodies!

  8. I think the teacher can make or break a workshop. You can tell when they are well prepared and have lots to offer. Enthusiasm for what they are presenting really shows!

  9. I submitted a review to Amazon, Barnes & Noble and CreateMixed Media. Your book is an excellent price right now on Create Mixed Media! Only $14.99!!!

  10. I think what makes a workshop excellent is it being F-U-N!!!
    Who wants to go to a workshop that is so serious you can’t laugh while your making new creations!

    Thank you for the chance to win these amazing goodies!

  11. Wrote a review of Personal Geographies on Amazon!
    Love your book!

  12. an excellent workshop: has a personable, knowledgeable instructor; demonstrates something new in the techniques department; has lots of room to spread out; offers related art recipes for handouts; is held in tropical climates only in January-February-March; is so engrossing that participants don’t want to quit for the day.

  13. Beautiful website! Everything looks fantastic. You don’t have to put me in the drawing, Jill, just wanted to leave a comment for you!

  14. great giveaway.
    I think a well organized teacher helps to make for a great workshop. I the teacher is organized things tend to run smoothly. Humour also helps – leave the grumpies at home.

  15. I love worshops with an organized yet flexible teacher who allows for each individual to take the lesson and make it in our own personal style.
    That describes you Jill!

    I reviewed your fabulous book on Amazon.

  16. A workshop is excellent when the teacher is engaged, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable and convey that to the student. Hand-outs are helpful, too. And, allowing enough time for all levels of students.

  17. Love your work! What makes a workshop excellent is TIME to be in there!

  18. it looks BEAUTIFUL!

  19. A great workshop informs me, challenges me, excites me and encourages me. I know it’s good when I can’t wait to get home and try the techniques on my own.

  20. Love the website. I have shared on Facebook and tweeted, but you do not have to enter me in the giveaway. I have many ArtFest treasures and gems from class with you. I cherish your friendship and encouragement.

    I think that a good workshop accomplishes two things, encourages the student to stretch the boundaries of their comfort zone, and, is Fun. A student should not leave a class stressed.

  21. I think having Jill Berry teach a workshop makes it excellent. 😀 But besides that? An organized leader, an open instructor, clear instructions, ample time, and good people. Mix ’em all up and you have the ingredients for lifetime memories. 😀

    Congratulations, Jill, on your wonderful new Web site redux! It’s so lovely, as are you! <3

  22. Left a review on Barnes & Noble as Lynda3

  23. For me, I love classes that allow me to play with all the toys and go where the Muse leads. I like technique demos interspersed with time to work individually.

  24. Well done, Jill ! All of ypurhard work paid off!

  25. Hey, lady! …love, Love, LOVE the new site — it’s beautiful!

    hmmm… What makes for an EXCELLENT workshop? I think that the instructor’s passion and preparedness make all the difference for for the student(s). Joy is contagious, and a teacher’s enthusiasm and acceptance of new approaches can inspire all involved.

    Reviews posted at all three sites 🙂

    I am currently undergoing a Blog overhaul, so no post; but I did “Share” your announcement on FB 😉

    Thanks for the chance to win some fun stuff! Congrats again on the lovely new site!

  26. The newly minted word “ypurhard” really means “your hard” as in work. My iPad likes to make up words and I tend to click too quickly without proof reading .

    So, what makes a good workshop?

    1. Teacher’s passion for subject. This is contagious and fun!
    2. Teacher’s willingness to reach variety of levels, making the environment conducive to abilities of participants. So everyone comes away feeling somewhat successful.
    3. Knowing the balance between sharing personal stories and being professional enough to realize students are there to learn.
    4. Limiting amount of required materials students need to purchase and bring to workshop, realizing that this can be prohibitive for some people.

  27. The workshop is a great way to work with others, both instructor(s) and participants. The camaraderie is wonderful, exchanging ideas and talking with others is always an encouragement. It also helps me complete or get enough done on a project that I feel I can finish it on my own.

  28. Wow! Your website is gorgeous. It is extremely colorful and spaced beautifully. Keep up the great work, I will be back to visit frequently.

  29. Beautiful new site! I’m going to love exploring. The workshops I’ve gotten the most out of have been led by an organized, prepared instructor with obvious passion for what they are teaching.

  30. this is a beautiful site! i will go to amazon and leave my review, since that is where i ordered my book from and i will share on facebook! two out of three of my classes at artfest left me smiling and wishing the day had been longer! the teachers willingness to answer questions and be present! they were passionate about their techniques and happy!! thank you for this opportunity to win. would love some artfest goodies, since i didn’t do trades, only housemate trades. xo

  31. A workshop is excellent when: 1. The teacher is enthusiastic. 2. You learn several new techniques. 3. You complete or near completion of the project or try all of the techniques that are demoed. 4. You and the other students gain all of that enthusiasm. 5. You have a chance to see many examples of the techniques used in projects so you can see the range of application. 6. You leave feeling like you can now use this technique.

  32. Me again – I posted a review of your book on Amazon! Would love to win a goody bag of things from Artfest! Both sets look amazing – esp. the one with the rubber stamps! Thanks.

  33. For a great workshop – I appreciate good, clear instructions. Nice examples of what we are doing that we can photograph. I like seeing the examples passed around. Of course, a great personality in a teacher makes all the difference. Honest opinions by the instructor are vital – not just saying that everything looks great; if a project can be improved – lets hear it. Thanks!

  34. Love your new website Jill!! Thank you for such a fabulous giveaway too! I wrote a review way back in January when I got the book. I am “ArtSongs”.
    For me, an excellent workshop is one that has a teacher who’s passion really shines in her instruction, enthusiasm and art! I love a workshop where the teacher takes the time for ???, or if it’s an online course is available to answer ? by email in a timely manner. I also love when there’s a hand out or PDF, and lots of samples of course!

  35. Thanks for doing this, it’s very generous of you. I’ve shared your post on Facebook, tweeted about this site and your give away on twitter and wrote a bit about it, inspiration and what makes a great workshop and mentioned your give away and included a link at my blog: An excellent workshop starts with an instructor that loves what they are doing and are happy and excited to share it with others. Passion and excitement are contagious, other than that I would say documentation of what was covered in the class with room to make extra notes. Good luck with your drawing.

  36. Having been both the student & the presenter I can offer what I have found helpful from both sides.
    Being organized not only helps presenter, it tells your students you are prepared and allows your workshop to run smoothly. Clear directions, demonstrations and hands-on makes all the difference in the world. Great handouts that support what is being learned is a must. Resources for materials used is also needed. An enthusiastic presenter makes a great workshop wonderful!!

  37. Oh your site looks great, I think you will have fun filling it with your great content in the future. I haven’t read your book (yet) but would really like to. It’s on my wish list at amazon of course. 🙂

  38. I like a hands on workshop that isn’t so rigid that participants can’t participate using their own personal style.

  39. I get the most out of a workshop when the leader is generous with his/her ideas, supplies and techniques; doesn’t seem to be holding back. I get the most when the leader isn’t just promoting their latest book and that’s all they share. I like to come away with a knowledge of a process rather than a finished piece. I never had a chance to go to Artfest because I teach school and it’s hard to get the time off during the semester; but I always carefully read up on all the workshops and visited the links to some of the teachers. Many of whom, I still follow.

  40. The thing I like best in a workshop is the instructor that can help you with shared problem solving. When you reach a crucial juncture and there are project choices, a good instructor can ask the questions that allow the correct best answer to become apparent to you.

  41. The best workshops are taught by organized, passionate people who love to teach. The workshops are designed so that beginners feel comfortable and the more experienced learn some new techniques.

  42. I love your new website. I am looking forward to trying projects from your book (I recommended that the local library purchase it). I left a review on Amazon and on my blog.

  43. I’ve always wanted to go to an ArtFest and now I can! Well, winning this prize maybe the next best thing! 🙂

    I think a great workshop is an instructor who is passionate about her subject, gives lots of examples, is hands-on, and can teach to various types of learners, can adapt well to changes, well-organized, personable and has the ability to laugh at herself! 🙂

  44. I think what makes a art class amazing is videos. Watching the teacher put together each project in their own way gives me so much inspiration!! Also print outs and guided help me to see each technique!

    I hope I win, these packages are so exciting!! I’ve posted on my blog and amazon!!

    So excited, you’re awesome!

  45. Since I have never had the opportunity to participate in a workshop, I can only say that I would think an excellent workshop has a teacher who can share love of the art, guide the participants, and allow them to use their own creativity in their art

  46. I wish that there would be more online workshops…it’s the only way I can participate because of where I live.

  47. Hi Jill, I reviewed your book on Northern Light and blogged about the giveaway. Having taken one of your workshops on map making, among others, I believe that a great class is one where the instructor gives good direction on a various number of techniques, with examples available for the participants; shares stories of how the techniques are developed and some of the pitfalls that may happen with the various tools and applications used, to avoid mishaps; and adds a few trinkets and specialty pieces that can be souvenirs from the class. Allowing students to share work, and be able to connect with the instructor post class leaves a good connection to the event and a broader sense of creative community. Thanks Jill, for doing all those things!

  48. I think what makes a workshop great is the instructors ability to make you feel confident enough in the technique that I will not only use it once I am done, but will be able to have the confidence to make it my own.
    I not only left I comment about your book on createmixedmedia I ended up purchasing a copy ( got it from Amazon~sorry).
    If I had a blog or a web site I would certainly be posting and linking, but alas no blog or website.

  49. What a great giveway!!! I think what makes an online workshop successfull is the videos with clear demonstration and a detailed pdf of the instructions with visuals of what the techniques are.
    Thank you so much!

  50. A great workshop is one that is organised and planned, so no wasting time! Obviously a great teacher and most importantly some good knowledge obtained and some good notes to take away and practice on.

  51. I think that a balance of structure and space for improv or creativity are the key ingredients of a successful workshop. I want enough structure to feel that i learned something and have new tools, and enough time to get creative and play with those new tools!

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