Out of the mouths of… teens.

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My son Sam is 12, nearly 13.  Here he is at the beach.

Last week we had tea together. I gave him the good teacup to try, it is one of the few heirlooms I have.

He took a sip. I said “Sam, that teacup has been in our family for about a hundred years.”

He stopped, set the cup down. Then he said “I was just lip-to-lip with my ancestors. I was almost kissing all the greats that came before me.”

Haiku for Sam

Your wild heart sings songs
I never hear on my own
So you sing for me

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  1. I Love Sam’s words and your Haiku for Sam!

  2. I love your your young Sam for what he said, for you as a mom who was unafraid to share the heirloom cup, and how precious when a mom writes a haiku for her beloved son. I haven’t done that for my grown-up kids. You’ve given me an idea.

  3. the wonderful whimsy of childhood, no boundaries on creativity – call it how they see it!

  4. Wonderful words and wonderful mind your son has!!! And wonderful mum, for making a haiku about it! Enjoy the weekend, you both!

  5. i love the wisdom that comes from our children!! Love that your son drinks tea with you . . . you are a lucky woman!

  6. Wow. What a wise and insightful child you have. I think Sam’s reply is a beautiful sentiment and one that I’m not even sure would have occurred to me.

  7. I just adore Sam 🙂
    And you are a terrific Mom.

  8. What an inspired child! Amazing insight!

  9. Great post ~ love your son’s comment about the teacup ~ wonderful haiku ~ thanks ~ namaste, carol (A Creative Harbor)

  10. truly….
    your sam has touched my soul…and then your haiku flooded my heart.

    the art of tea, the joy of life!

  11. Sweet! You have a darling boy!

  12. Such insight from a young man, such a beautiful haiku for him from his mother. You made my day, both of you. Thank you!

    • Thanks Michele! It made my day too. Surely took my breath away.

  13. Jill,

    A wonderful observation. I have noticed in life that pre-teen and early-teen people often are quite profound in their thinking.

  14. so very precious. i have a lump in my throat and a warmed heart. thanks so much for sharing him.

  15. Sam!!! You are amazing!
    Love that.

  16. I had to read this out loud to my husband…we were both impressed with this 12 year old poet, who drinks tea with his Mom…that is one special guy! 🙂

    • Thanks Roberta, it was a huge mom moment!

  17. Hi Jill! I loved your photos of Artfest. So fun to see it from everyone’s perspective! So glad that you are doing so well. Your son’s comment made me giggle and I love the perspective! My family china will never be seen in the same way again! Sending you a hug! Happy Blog Hoppin’ Day ; )

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