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Last Saturday I spent the morning with Orly Avineri and her journaling group. She does this once a month at her house, and I would recommend that you treat yourself and go.

We watched a flower tea bloom before we got started.

She made an incredible lunch.Orly is a person with a whole lot of humanity, right up front. Her art and generosity are boundless, you can feel it being in the room with her.

I followed all her prompts, and here are my pages.

We are thinking of teaching a class together, which I would love. Stay tuned.

On the way home, in rather a hurry to get ready for a dinner with Jenny Doh and Julie Balzer, I got a flat tire. I was driving my mom’s car in the middle of nowhere Los Angeles. I pulled over to a grocery parking lot and got out the spare and jack. A minute later a man walked up, a man covered from tippy top to toe in very colorful tatoos, and asked if I needed help. It was like having my own personal pit crew, that guy was so fast. Zippedy do and Steve had that tire on and I was back on the road. I just love the angel people who show up. Thanks again Steve! I hope to be called upon soon to be an angel person, and I hope to do as fine a job as you did.


  1. Jill, it was so fun to spend time with you and the rest of the group at Orly’s on Saturday. What an inspiring group of people we got to create with! Orly’s so inventive, creative, and generous! Thanks for sharing the time with us.

    BTW, Orly also leads a journaling group in San Diego once a month!

  2. Dear Jill,
    It was so wonderful meeting you and hearing your stories. You could not imagine how inspiring your story about freezing in Italy, Giovanni and the hot chocolate was. I have been talking with several teens (my daughter being one of them), about studying abroad. I shared with them the richness of your story and the many layers your life has accumulated from your travels. I thank you for spending time with us and look forward to hearing from you/about you soon!

  3. your journal pages are just beautiful!

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