Left Boy Haiku

Posted by on Jan 27, 2012 in Visual Inspiration, Written Inspiration | 14 comments

This fall I was in Venice, Italy with two girlfriends. We saw this scene next to a canal as we were walking to the Peggy Guggenheim Museum. It was ironic on so many levels, one being it was carved into the concrete in English. And how did this dog know to lay there? Was this a regular gig for him, an attention seeking pooch? Whatever the story, it was danged funny, and it still makes me laugh.

We found this Left Boy
Still wonder at his story
Might he be Right Girl?


It is Friday, and I try to write Haiku on Friday for my friend Rebecca, who started Haiku My Heart. There are more haiku here.


  1. This is very silly. Love it.

  2. You’re right. That’s a strange one. No doubt made for a picture taking moment.

  3. That is so funny! Both the photo and haiku to match. You made me laugh. 🙂

    • We all laughed! Glad you enjoyed it too.

  4. This is wonderful! Could be trained to do this, or just serendipity. I don’t have any need to have the answer. I’ll just enjoy it.


    • Spadoman, he was only there the one time, we went looking later and never saw him out there. It was hilarious the one time though.

  5. When I am traveling I often take pictures of dogs and cats but your Left Boy is priceless. I do think he is a boy, not a girl. It’s an attitude thing.

    • I think you are right Fran.

  6. Precious-life is full of magical moments!

  7. Was he simply left behind? Who knows the true story?

    Shadowy Hummingbird Heaven

  8. I can lift the veil on this one. I wrote that while visiting the bienalle last year, I’m a musician and thats my tag. Thanks for taking this awesome picture! 😀

    • This makes it even better. What about the dog? Is he your trained pooch? He might be the guy from “the Artist”, and then we have a full circle of talent.
      I am going to follow you now, and see what else comes up, I am thinking there is more….

  9. I thought I should let you all know that Left Boy is actually a musician! >>>http://www.facebook.com/leftboymusic
    That is all.
    Loveing the blog by the way 🙂

    • And that is enough. I expect though, that more is to come. Thanks for connecting, this is getting funnier…..

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