Italy, Part 3: The Class

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Our classroom was in the corner of the convent, overlooking the garden.

I gave each of the participants a book with the “cast of Characters”, the mythological and religious figures that have to do with the history of Orvieto. During the week, the students were asked to search the town for signs that the characters were there. A scavenger hunt to add fodder to our stories.

We then painted landscapes, drew sketches around town, took photos, did wax rubbings, and use photo transfer techniques to make the story pages having to do with our cast of characters. Here are the pages.

Drank wine.

Cooked nine course in Lorenzo’s restaurant, amazing!

Ate all nine courses.

We ate lots of interesting food.

Explored Etruscan caves built under the town.

Went to a winery out in the country

Saw Orvieto from the winery at sunset.

I could easily spend a year there.

Many thanks to Bill and Kristi of Adventures in Italy, and to Marcia, Nancy, Sue, Kathy and Lisa for making this such a fabulous, fabulous week.

If you are sorry you missed it, you can join me again in May, 2013. I am going back! Italy is close to my heart, and I have a lot to offer the student who joins me. I speak Italian, I studied there for a year, and have been back many times. It is my fond hope to share my love for all things Italian with you, while you make art, make friends and discover the wonder of Orvieto.

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  1. Incredible photos, Lady J! I would love, Love, LOVE to make that trip with you:)

  2. Jill, it truly was an enchanted week with you! What a thrill it was to see you guide each student in finding her artistic muse. The results were fantastic, with each person saying she learned SO MUCH in your workshop. We can’t wait to have you back in 2013!

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