The Rockies

Posted by on Sep 7, 2011 in Orvieto Workshop, Visual Inspiration | 9 comments

The other day I woke up grumpy. When that happens I try to pin point the exact solution to my issue. In this case it was a hike with my dog. Look at this day! I marched along with my big curly dog, enjoying the 20° drop in temperature. We marched past lots of wildflowers and these cool red bugs. They might be hideous consumers of all Colorado finery, I don’t know, but they sure dress nicely.

Next week I leave for my class in Italy (there is still room!) Yesterday I made the portfolios for the class members at the studio of my friend David Ashley. He helps me do all the fancy stuff like foil stamping and case making. More about him later, since you all need to know him if you don’t already.

Today I finalized the look of the portfolio, and here it is.

So this week my medicine was a walk in the woods, and the help of a talented friend. Fixed all that ailed me.


  1. a visual feast and no calories involved

  2. I think I’ll do my toenails like that – why should bugs get all the fun? Lori W at Art Camp for Women

    • Wouldn’t that be fun? You should do that at Camp with Kelli…..

  3. OOOHHH,and to think that I will get one of these lovely portfolios! !!!
    LOVE the photos too!

    See you in Umbria,Jill! Sue

  4. These look beautiful, as does your hiking trail. Wish I could be at both. xx

  5. Hi Jill,
    Beautiful portfolios – I’m sure your students will be thrilled. Have a blast in Italy. I just ordered your book – can’t wait!
    Creatively yours, Lisa

    • Hi Lisa! Remember that book you told me about, the Island of Lost Maps? The author has a quote in my book! Thanks to you.

  6. gorgeous images! and oh my, that Italy portfolio is simply stunning!! lucky lucky students.

  7. beautiful photos, good luck in Italy!

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