Today I am HOT and you can WIN!

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Today is my day to give away treasures in the Art Spark group blogroll.

You have until Friday, August 19th at 10pm MST to leave a comment here for a chance to win.

Somerset Studios has generously offered 7 magazines that have my work in them. They have also thrown in a coupon for the January 2012 issue, where my work, lucky, lucky me, will be featured in the Artist Portfolio. WOW!!! I don’t know about you, but this is something I never imagined would happen, and it is exceptional.

I am tossing in a small beach journal, made from my painted papers.
I am also including a small packet of surprises.

Here is what you need to do.

Leave a comment, and me why receiving this package would make your day.

Thanks for coming by! Check out my Workshops and let me know if there is something you would like to have me teach.

Check out my upcoming book on Mapping while you are at it, and have a wonderful, wonder-filled day.


  1. You ARE hot! Wow, what a body of work, and exactly the kind I like to do myself. Thank you so much for your generous offer. I’d love to win, but feel lucky to have found all of you Artspark artists at all! Thanks again. Serena Mira Asta

  2. Oh boy, am I the first? I would love this package of goodies because I’m having surgery soon and I need something to keep me busy while I recover. And it would really brighten my mood! Magazines to read, lovely papers to look at and surprises. What more could I ask for to make a speedy recovery 🙂 Nancy

  3. What a wonderful package – who wouldn’t love a stack of SS studio magazines? I would curl up with a good cup of tea and read read read! Your work is lovely. Thanks for a chance to win.

  4. Jill, receiving your gorgeous package would so inspirational and encouraging. Perusing, time and time again, through the Somerset Studio magazines would fire up the imagination – and to see your work every time! Divine! Thanks for the opportunity to win your lovely package.

  5. Congratulations! I would love to be inspired by your work and all of the other ideas in those magazines!

  6. This would absolutely make my day because all these magazines are so hard to get hold of where I live in Australia!

  7. Because I love to read as much as I love to sew
    Reading give me so many ideas and help me fall asleep at night.
    besides it would be a novelty to win once.

  8. I would love to win because as a mixed media artist and journalist, I thrive on sources of new ideas and inspiration.

  9. I would just love to win this package. I cannot think of anything better. I am an art magazine freak……. As I live in an art wilderness anything that can help me would be just wonderful.P.S. I find your work really inspiring.

  10. Good Morning Jill,

    Receiving this this package would make my day because Somerset is one of my favourite magazines. I love to revisit, reread and find ideas that I hadn’t discovered in the past. I read the magazine from cover to cover, love the creativity, the colours and the techniques.
    Thank you for your generosity.

  11. What a great give-away – I would get out my paints and try all those wonderful activities that are part of your life. Mary Jo Bowers

  12. Love all the give-aways this past week.There are a frenzy of them on all sorts of sites! Love being part of this community that shares so much.
    Thanks for inspiring us with your creative spirit.


  13. You know, the prizes in this bloghop are all so great……I’d love to win them all, but one would be delightful.

    Winning any of them would be a welcome addition to my mental vault of ideas.

  14. Hi there,
    I would LOVE to win this prize pack because I’ve heard so much about these magazines, but I’ve never taken the time to check one out. I’m a very busy mama of five little ones (ages 8 & under). I don’t make as much art as I’d like to or should. But I love admiring others’ work and gathering ideas, too! Thanks for offering this!

  15. Hi Jill, Nice to meet you! I love Somerset magazines and I would be thrilled to win and be able to see your work and be inspired!

  16. I’d love to win this package! The magazines look interesting and the beach journal looks beautiful. Since some of my recent surprises include a snake on the roof and an armadillo in the front yard, I feel like I’m due for a good surprise.

  17. Haver never reviewed Somerset Magazines.. looks like something I hsould look into.

  18. I’m sorry you are not teaching at Portland’s Art and Soul, so this would be a substitute.

  19. I know it seems improbably–two Nancys about to have surgery, but mine is tomorrow and I can barely think about anything else. I need something to look forward to beyond tomorrow.

    Oh, and you other Nancy–best of luck; hope all goes well for you.

  20. WOW ! I would love love love to win ! Thank you so much

  21. Jill, What a very generous prize package! I love reading all the Somerset Studio mags for the great ideas and techniques featured! I am a technique freak and this would just make my day! My week! My month! My year!

  22. Winning this package would make my day because I love reading mixed media magazines including
    Somerset. I mark the projects and ideas I want to try with tiny post it noteâ„¢ arrows . I’d love to be able to read all about you with out having to drive to 3 different book stores to find one with the magazine in stock. I think the suprise bag of goodies will also be put to good use trying a bookmarked magazine technique.

  23. Hi Jill, I have always admirerd your work. I was sorry I didnt take a class from you when I was at artfest however I did get to meet you. That was a highlight and saw your amazing maps. I would like to win because I need my creativity back. I fell down cement stairs head first due to my dd english bulldog. I did quite a bit damage including my right wrist was broken and I am right handed. I am on the mend now but need my muse back. Thank you for being so generous

    • Yikes Linda! I have done my fair share of dog-tripping, but not that bad. Sending healing thoughts your way.

  24. Winning this would make my day because I am always looking for inspiration, and I found your work very inspirational! The journal looks wonderful as well as the magazines. What fun it would be to play with these tools!

  25. I would love to win your prize. The journal is just beautiful and would be wonderful to fill with art. All of the magazines would be wonderful for inspiration and learning new things. Who doesn’t like getting a packet of surprises in the mail. This would be perfect for the end of the summer.

  26. I would be THRILLED to win this package because I love reading Somerset mags over and over again. They are packed full of so many beautiful images and ideas. Also, your journal is awesome and I’d be happy to fill that up with my own musings! Thanks for the giveaway! ;c)

  27. Wow! What a treasure trove of goodies! I would love to win this to get inspired to make great art! Thanks for the opportunity!

  28. Well… it would make my day today cuz it is dreary and rainy out but to receive this package ANY day would be a treasure of inspiration!!! Thanks for your giveaway opportunity!

  29. The magazines look amazingly inspiring, so I’d love them. As for the beach journal, it would make this country girl feel as if I actually sat at the beach and made art. Thanks!

  30. Receiving this would make my day because I need to recharge the creative battery! I am homeschooling 2 grandsons – one with adhd and one with idc (I don’t care) and I don’t have much energy left for my art right now.

  31. This would make my day because my muse has left me and I would love to get her back! Thanks!

  32. I love, love, love your art and the magazine! This would mean a lot to me.

  33. This group of magazines is awesome. They have something to inspire everyone. What a wonderful giveaway.

  34. Would they ship to Sweden? They aren’t sold in Sweden, but I see them all the time online and envy easy access to them… so it would absolutely make my day/week/month if I got this bunch of yumminess in my mailbox!

    Have a great week!

  35. Jill, this blog roll is so amazing and your giveaway is wonderful. I love Somerset Studio and only pick up copies ad hoc. I’ve just filled up my journal and haven’t got a new one yet (saving up), I’m drawing on my 5yo daughters construction paper and your little beach journal would be my next jewel xx

  36. First of all congratulations on your new book!!

    Somerset Studio is one of my favorite magazines and I don’t have a current subscription,so it would be great to win 7 mags but what I would enjoy most is searching for your beautiful artwork throughout the pages!


  37. soft, yet oh so colorful.
    i would love to receive the magazines to learn your vibrant techniques!

  38. ☆¨(◕‿-✿) ❀♫❤ ☼ ☯ Jill, you make my day every time I read your blog! Having your work to peruse and enjoy would be icing on the cake. You’re one of the first artist bloggers I have followed and I check back often to see your creativity. I just started collecting maps for my collages. Hope to be able to attend one of your workshops in the near future. ~Hobby ☯☼❤♫❀ (✿-‿ â—•)¨☆
    P.S. Would Love a Like!❤

  39. Hi Jill, What a great giveaway. I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of your book in November and would love to review all of your work from the past magazines! The beach journal is gorgeous! I just wnat to run my fingers across the pages.

  40. My birthday is this week and it would be a treasured gift.
    I’m on the lookout for new techniques to incorporate in my self portrait that’s due soon.
    The magazines would definately fit the bill for ideas.

  41. I have sketched for a while but now have become interested in journals, mixed media etc. your “beach journal” is very exciting. I would love to get started making journals ( just purchased a book about it. ) What a start this would be for me.

  42. What a wonderful giveaway! And your new upcoming book sounds very interesting.

  43. I would love to win your give away because Somerset magazines are the best on the market and it would be a treasure trove of inspirational articles and photos. Your beach book is beautiful, and as I live in FL, I love all things related to the beach! ~ Karen

  44. This would not only make my day, it would make my whole month. I love magazines, and Somerset Studio magazines are wonderful and expensive, so I can’t buy every single one, much as I want to. Second, I am very partial to handmade anything, and your beach journal is amazing and beautiful. Plus, surprises? I want to win this….. Pick me…..

  45. What a wonderful giveaway. My budget doesn’t permit Somerset mags very often, so this would be a real treat! (My friends occasionally let me look at theirs, but get tired of the drool stains I leave behind!) Thanks for the opportunity to win them.

  46. I need all the inspiration I can get. I’m retired and trying to diversify my fiber work and SELL.
    Thank you for the opportunity. Jackie

  47. I love your work and can’t wait to see more of it! I’ll be looking for more of it online! It is the type of art that I am hoping to create someday… just learning now.

  48. The first and best gift is finding your blog. The icing on the cake would be to win your giveaway. Your work stimulates the mind to take wonderful flights of fance.

  49. Wow, winning this would give me enough inspiration to last the winter! The beach journal would be a real added bonus.

  50. What a wonderful, wonderful prize! I love Stampington publications and that journal is gorgeous……… I love being inspired by other’s artwork, thank you for this oppotunity.

  51. Great give away before you go away! I’m a big fan and who ever receives your give away is one lucky person!

  52. Winning your package of goodies and surprises would be the perfect wrap up to personal challenge I’ve been on the last 90 days, the point of which is to set my artist self free (love The Artist’s Way, which is part of my challenge). I have been so inspired by all the different blogs I’ve been reading… have a big stack of inspiration to refer back to again and again would be amazing. Thank you for the opportunity to win and to see your work – and success- in print! Congratulations on being featured in the Artist’s Portfolio!

  53. I didn’t get to the beach this summer so the beach journal would fill the void. I could sit and write in it and imagine that I am sitting on the beach.

  54. What a generous offer! I have my fingers crossed…and my toes….and even my eyes! Thanks for the chance to win!

  55. This is a great selection! The beach journal would be perfect; we’re heading there very soon!

  56. Wow, this would make anyone’s day! A new journal is a great prompt to get me doing something artistic, and Somerset Studio is a great source of ideas for what to do.
    Thank you so much for doing this giveaway!

  57. Wow…what a HOT giveaway and I’d love to receive such a wonderful package because we are just as hot around here with weeks of 100 degree weather…oh my! Perhaps it will help me to remember my summer vacation that we took the end of June/July…seems like forever! THANKS for a great giveaway. Fondly, Roberta

  58. That is One Hot Prize Bundle — inspiration on top of inspiration! It would be a delight to win, but even if I don’t I’ve found your blog and will be returning. Thanks!

  59. How could it NOT make my day! It is a joy to receive packages with creative items! It will definitely feed my soul with creativity, it will give me inspiration and joy! Great giveaway! Thanks

  60. Okay…so even though I have several of the issues shown…and loved your work that I saw in those…to get this packet would be so incredible!! I look to the Somerset magazines for inspiration…and right now I’m running a little low on this…so having this packet would just jump start my muse…and get me “creative” again!!

    Thanks so much for doing this giveaway!!!


  61. Hi – I would LOVE to win this give-away because I would love to try my hand at art journaling – and I would love to have a stack of magazines to browse through to inspire me to do more … Love being creative!

  62. I would love to win the magazines and I HOPE you do add one of your little books to the prize!

  63. What a wonderful package! Finding this in my mailbox would soooooooo make my day! We’re getting ready to move (adopting 3 of our grandchildren has forced us to find a bigger space), school will be starting, etc. The busyness of our household doesn’t always allow for time for me to make art; I’m thinking this awesome package would be just the thing…

  64. Reading through these magazines is nourishment for the creative soul. What a wonderful gift this would be to receive!

  65. I have such a difficult time finding these wonderful publications and have to order one at a time. I miss my artist circle b/c we moved to a more remote, but very beautiful, place. I just pine for this inspiration, but know i won’t ever win b/c i live in Canada and for some reason that seems to be the end of the earth. Still i am very glad to hear of this exciting and generous contest. If i were to win, not only me, but all my journaling students could share in fondling and gawping at all the wondrous images, reading the articles that inspire us all. Thanks for this chance. I’ll still be searching and someday maybe i can carry them as a service to our little community.

  66. Hey Jill,
    I hope you are well. I’ve been following you via Carla Sonheim. I am so excited about your map book (I remember when you started exploring mapping), and would love to take one of your journal mapping workshops. Will you be teaching one in Colorado any time?

    It would make my day to win this cool package – because your work is awesome.

    All the best, Lisa

  67. Hi Jill, I have been reading about your work for many months now. I have been eagerly awaiting your book for a few reasons. I love all things maplike…. the stories invoked, the symbolism, the multi layers of meaning. But mostly I love art maps because my husband is a road engineer and mapping brings our loves together. I am in Canada and read longingly about the many conferences and on site happenings in the States but distance make these out of reach so books are my window to wonderful artworks. I would love to win your package and share it with my students. We would study it together and share with you the fruits of your inspiration!

  68. WOW! You are Hot. Your work is wonderful and I would love to win the prizes, I would share them with my students.

  69. Jill, I love your work and I love anything from Somerset Studios! I am a mixed media artist and all of this color and creativity would definitely make my day….and week…and month!

  70. I would love to Win!! Your beach journal is beautiful. I would love to have it so when the winter in New England is in full force…I can have something to dream about…ahhhh summer……
    Looking forward to your new book when it comes out too! Awesome!

  71. I must be dreaming! Eight issues of Somerset Studio AND a Jill Berry Original Journal… Refreshing, like monsoon rain to a desert woman. I am thirsty for creative inspiration AND craving a Jill Berry journal to record my own artful adventures. Love your artwork Jill!

  72. Congratulations on the upcoming January Somerset Studio publication. Your work is outstanding and you deserve this exposure. I’d love to win that darling beach journal. Beach is my favorite spot to be and your journal would be an ever present reminder of happy days at the beach. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  73. Winning would really make my day because I LOVE SOMERSET STUDIO!!!! WHOOT!!!! LOL!!!

    Have a wonderful day!!!

  74. I love art mags, great for inspiration, would love to win. The beach journal has lovely colour combinations on the cover.

  75. What a great thrill it would be if I could be so lucky to win your Journal and the Somerset Studio magazines. I am keeping my fingers crossed and my mind focused on the prize.

  76. Oh Jill how exciting that you will be featured in the Artist Portfolio section. This wonderful giveaway haul is testiment to your skills, thank you for the opportunity to win it.

  77. Winning these magazines would so make my day because they give me incredible inspiration.

  78. Congrats on being so honored! As a near pathological purveyor of craft porn, the thought of winning this lovely prize makes my head spin and my eyes roll back in my head. Throw in a cup of tea, and I may never come out of my house again.

  79. I’m working a lot of overtime right now…this would make my day because art-time is the only thing keeping me sane right now!

  80. Well Jill… it’s hard to come by all of those magazines, where I live. Somerset Studio is more common, but not the Artist Cafe. So by the time I visit where they might be for sale; they’re GONE! Would love to see more of your work and EnJOY! Thanks for the offer!

  81. I love Somerset mags! I never part with any of them. The shop I get them at always laugh an say “you here to add to your library today!” They know me well. So I would love to win this as I don’t have Studio. I could start a new addiction.LOL Thanks for the chance. Sharon

  82. I am always seeking more inspiration. How great to have your magazines!

  83. I´m absolutely new to journaling, it isn´t so well known in Sweden where I live. I welcome everything I can learn from 🙂 Hope for luck and keep my fingers crossed.

  84. I would love love to get these because your journal is beautiful and because I can’t really afford these magazines except for every once in awhile!

  85. Because Somerset Studio is the bestest magazine, especially for featuring your work. And I am drooling over that beach journal!! Have a great week!

  86. What a wonderful giveaway! I would be very appreciative to win this because I have been in such a creative slump for several months. I just can’t seem to get motivated to make my art. I feel that it’s in there – I just can’t get it out. It’s very frustrating and your goodies just might be what I need to get everything flowing again. Thank you very much.

  87. Are you kidding??? This would TOTALLY make my day!!! Fodder for the creative soul!!! And a journal from your handpainted papers to boot? I would truly go over the happiness edge!!!

  88. OooooH! Lusciously yummy! Your art makes my day in any case! And I would LOVE to own even a small bit!

  89. I’d love to win this because those goldarn magazines are so expensive that I can almost never bring myself to actually buy one – I just look thru them longingly at the book store. So to win a pile of them would be great. Also I enter a lot of blog giveaways and haven’t won yet. Feeling like the biggest loser LOL !!!

  90. Very nice! You make beautiful “hot” paper!!

  91. I love Somerset Studio magazines! They are magazines you can go back to over and over. Your beach journal would be the topping on the cake! Thanks for giving us a chance to win great gifts!

  92. Your generous giveaway might be just the think to give me a jump start that is sorely needed.

  93. Hello Jill from the beautiful state of Maine. I would love to win your beautiful art journal. Thank you for being an inspiration and for your generosity.

  94. Oh the bounty of beauty! The endless steam of inspiration! Gifts to be treasured – to be read and reread. and OH your little journal is just so beautiful, it would be an honor to own.

  95. I love your journal cover! I can’t wait to get paint, paper, and fabric out and experiment. I’d love to win your prizes to get some more inspiration! Thank you.

  96. Wow! What a great prize-pack! I am an inspiration junkie and I NEED THIS!!!

  97. My joy and passion is to inspire women to bring forth their creative gifts. To offer inspiration to others I need inspiration to keep the beauty flowing like a river.

    The journal you’ve described would be a tonic…. an art-vitamin for my soul and something to be shared with circles of women to feed their creative spirits.

    Let the Spiritual/Creative Renaissance begin!! Blessings to you!

  98. Please include me in the list of giveaway applicants. I fill at least one sketchbook and or journal a month and I would love to work in your beautiful book, while being inspired by your work in the magazines. It has been a record breaking hot summer her in central Texas, and I have had to spend most of it inside and cabin fever has struck. It would be lovely for new toys and a new journal to boost me out of heat induced torpor. Thank you.

  99. “What a fantastic collection! I love to read arts and crafts magazines when I am inbetween projects, or need ideas on techniques when I feel that I am repeating myself too much. One of your personally-crafted books would be the best inspiration of all!” –jean b.

  100. Somerset Magazines are always so inspiring, but hard for me to find in my community, so I’d love to get a pile of inspiration! And other surprises from you…Oooohlala! What a win this would be! I just love that you ArtSparks are doing this giveaway!

  101. What an inspiration all those magazines would be. And I’d love to have your little beach journal, ‘cuz of all the beautiful papers. Must do some myself, too! Cheers!

  102. Winning this package would be a thrill! Your work is gorgeous, and I’d love to feel like a winner!

  103. Receiving this box in the mail would make my day because of all the creativity it would inspire! Wonderful assortment! Thank you so much for being part of this giveaway!

  104. I would be very honored
    to have and to hold
    something with your work
    to read……
    to enjoy…..
    to inspire!!!!

    thank you!!!!

  105. I adore your work, and having copies of issues showing your wonderful art would be such a delight! It’s been a difficult summer for me, and the ability to check into blogs like yours for amazing inspiration has helped. Thanks for sharing your art and for a wonderful giveaway!

  106. I would love the package of Somerset magazines! I savor every issue I purchase, and have to be selective because I WANT them all but can’t always afford them all. So this would be a great treat and inspirational to me for my own work! Also, I loved the Haiku and the linked page!! More ideas and a new page to visit! Thanks for the opportunity.

  107. Thanks for the chance to win this great give-away. I would be thrilled to win the publications because of all the great projects to try. And who doesn’t like a surprise!

  108. I would love to win your “hot” giveaway — I am very much a fan of your inspiring blog and am looking forward to your book also — thank you for the chance to win —

  109. I love Sommerset magazines and would love to investigate your work in them. I am always interested in new and different ways to explore art. I usually work with fiber.

  110. What a great giveaway. I LOVE Somerset magazines — what a treat to win this collection especially since they featured your work! I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

  111. Wow what an amazing giveaway. I’m especially excited about the journal you’ve included. It is just beautiful, and i’ve just begun journaling as a way to help explore creative thoughts in my own work.

  112. it would make my day because these magazines are not available in Ukraine – the set of 7 will be priceless not only for me, but for my friends also – art journaling, mised media, paperwork etc are becoming more and more popular here, but hte lack of information is big! Also I would be happy to have a piece of your work – it is also very exciting! Thank you Jill for this generous proposal, we will keep our fingers crossed!
    And thank you for all the inspiration I get from you work and blog!

  113. Wow again! You all are really SPARKS for creativity. I’d love to win your offerings because you do SPARK me to creative stuff!
    Your MAPPING is fascinating and I’d love to know more.

  114. After totally soaking up the inspiration from the magazines, I will more than likely cut them up to use in collages, so they would be doubly great! Your breezy journal is in my favorite color and would make me smile every time I opened it. Thanks!

  115. What perfect timing for this give away. I am trying to get the hang of journaling to forward my creativity. How special it would be to have the guidance of a talented artist!

  116. Congats on the new book and the Somerset spread. Their magazines are amazing!!! Now, why do I deserve this prize package over everyone else? Well, I have been a very good girl all summer and deserve a reward. (grin) You are always an inspiration. Thank you.

  117. I’d love to win your giveaway just for the sheer inspiration and enjoyment I’d get from it! Seeing what creative people do makes me happy. 🙂

  118. Make my day? It would make my month! All that yummy reading inspiration. Whew. Your maps, by the way, are very cool.

  119. I’d like to win – because I find all this very inspiring and encouraging for me to continue to sketch and draw.

  120. Hi! It would truly make me day to win because the only thing I love half as much as sewing is magazines!

  121. Jill, I was not familiar with either your work or Somerset magazine, but with ArtSpark, now I am! It would be lovely to receive this giveaway package, because from what I see on your blog, I really like your work. I too could become addicted to painting papers and make them into wonderful creations. Love the colors and gosh the beach journal is just beautiful.

  122. YAY YOU! For the January article – I can still only dream. I would love, love, love to win the other magazines!

  123. Wow!! I am reading the book “The Artist’s Way.” The first thing it tells me to do is do make very special event about going out to get a very special journal to use. How special would it be to receive this journal one day to make that day a very special day. Wow!!

  124. I would love to win some lovely stuff 😉

  125. What a great giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  126. Of course, this would make my day. I have been learning so much this year as I’ve expanded outside my quilting world. My projects are getting more and more interesting.

  127. All those issues plus seeing your article would be truly inspirational! Thanks!

  128. Jill, What an exciting time for you to be published, teaching, and doing what you love. I will be overlapping you while in Orvieto with the Steiner’s next month. I’m working with Kristi in her class the follwing week. I can’t wait. My mother and I attended a trip there with Bill and Kristi in May and both fell in love.
    I’d love to win and see more of your work and will be honored to meet you come September.

  129. I love art. I’m only 13 but this is what I want to be doing for the rest of my life. winning this contest would be wonderful beacuse I love art made by other artists and this could possibly be insperation too. Thanks so much for this chance to win!

    • Julia, my daughter is 13 also! I appreciate you coming here, and declaring your artistic intentions! Good luck to you, on the contest and also your career.

  130. Oh… how this would make my day… months actually as Somerset Studios is one of the few magazines that doesn’t end up in the trash. I am always so inspired by the work and love to read each and every page. But even more so, I would love your journal… I teach a journaling class and love to use handmade books when I journal.

  131. I would love to win this package because I constantly find new ideas and inspirations from new sources. And,…who doesn’t like to receive a package in the mail full of surprises?

  132. Hi..just found your blog from my friend JaneVille’s blog. I am so glad l found you and have subscribed so l don’t loose your blog. I LOVE maps and colour and you combine both. I would love to win your giveaway because l love these mags but they are so hard to find over here in UK and cost and arm and a leg if l find them`. I can only afford one !!!!..which one is always hard!Ha. Also to one a piece of your Art would just make my day. I make ALL sorts of Art and love learning from everyone here in Blogland! Good luck to everyone who enters. x lyndaxx

  133. Wow! Congratulations on having your art in Somerset Studios. I would love to win. It will help me to be inspired to create.

  134. What a grand and generous offer you have made! Somebody is going to be so thrilled. So many of us have big challenges right now, even if we don’t state them. I hope whoever wins will enjoy it and find beauty and comfort it the gifts as much as I would, if it were possibly me. Wishing beauty, inspiration, and health to all who read this…. Be thankful for art!

  135. Being across in the UK Im sure I wont be eligeable to take part but just in case…… here goes!
    I SO like your work and have treated myself, though many years ago when the postage wasnt so high, to an odd Somerset Studio or two.
    But Id be thrilled to win a taste of your work and a Somerset Studio treat too….so my fingers are crossed…..:)

  136. I love Somerset Journal so ready about your work in it would make my day! Not to mention a fun handmade journal too. Great giveaway!

  137. i can’t wait for your book – congrats!

    i’d love to win this…pick me, pick me!

  138. Would love to win Jill! A great excuse to lounge, journal and sip some vino! Thx for offering:)

  139. Thanks for hosting this great giveaway, miss Berry. It would make my day because I would gather so much information, inspiration and notes on making great, meaningful art. The magazines would provide valuable insights for this, and also about your work, which I find both beautiful and interesting. The journal would make my day because I’m planning on writing again and making an art journal as well. What better way than to have a special, handmade journal? As for the surprises, I freaking love surprises! Thanks for giving this opportunity to everyone who loves and appreciates art. Good luck everyone!

  140. I would just love to see more of your work! Thanks for the chance to win!

  141. Hey Jill, the beach journal is awesome! I always love getting some new art toys to play with so I would love getting your prizes! I love to explore new products and techniques.

  142. Why me? Inspiration. Investigation. Exploration. I love maps. Love art mags and journals and surprises!!!

    Hmmm. I can’t wait to see you in October at Valley Ridge, so I’d love your gift bundle to tide me over.

    Ummm, because I am covered with hives and cranky and distraction sounds like good medicine right now, because the meds I’m taking are knocking me on my #@#&. 🙂


  143. As I am a bit isolated here, anything remotely like this arriving in my mail box would make my day! Thank you forths amazing offer.

  144. Thank you so much for doing this giveaway! Oh, to win such a lovely grouping of magazines – yes, this would make my day! I’ve purchased Art Journaling magazine before, as very special purchases, but have never been able to peruse the lovely Somerset magazines that you’re offering – they just never seem to fit in the budget. So, to have *this* much inspiration at my fingertips?? Woo-hoo!!!

  145. Winning your package would be awesome because I am working diligently on improving my drawing/painting and incorporating it in my journaling. I’m becoming obsessed with art journaling…expressing myself yet keeping parts of me hidden!

    Thanks so much for offering us this chance!

  146. Wow! 7 issues with your work! What a Blessing! Congrats on your success and may you have many many more! <3

  147. Hi Jill. Love your work and it would be great to have the Somerset collection with all your projects in it. Just need to win a few more hours in the day! Thanks.

  148. It would make my day because it would fill me with inspiration for weeks to come! Oh, what fun I would have!

    Thanks for the chance.


  149. Thankyou for offering this package of goodies Jill! Receiving art goodies in my mailbox is a highlight in life. When one’s mailbox usually receives bills, bills , bills- well the warmth of inspiration can cheer a day! Wishing you blessings!

  150. I would love to receive the Somerset books…they can be quite expensive to get regularly and to win them and learn your techniques and those of the other artists in them would be stupendous…

    fingers crossed…


  151. I just recently discovered the Somerset publications and they have awakened a latent artist-wanna be in me. I have always been crafty/creative but the drawing and paper materials had slipped away. Now I’m back at it and looking for any inspiration I can get my hands on.

  152. Jill – that is awesome news about Somerset and the Artist Portfolio. Such an honor for you! Give the mags to some other deserving person. I have been a subscriber for years and never throw them away. You could always send one of those gorgeous journal my way! I wish desperately that I was going to Italy with you! But I guess that is why I am working so hard right now… so one day I CAN go to Italy with you. ArtFest a definite this year, though.

  153. Jill, I would love to win the give away….It will make up a little for not being able to go to Italy with you and the wonderful class mates. I look forward to hearing all about it at Artffest. Take care

  154. Wow- this would really make my day. I love reading magazines and books to discover new techniques. The only magazines I get these days are e-zines and it is not the same as holding one in one’s hands!
    Not to mention the bonus beach journal!!

  155. I can’t believe how generous each of you are being! I love your work. I have been been looking at your workshop in Wisconsin and considering it. I am not a beginner, but a “start again”. I somehow let my art slip away from me during crazy work years and when my kids were growing up. I am trying to get my mojo back now! I’d love to win your package.

  156. Why would it be nice to receive these magazines…what’s not to like about them…each and every one of their issues is jam packed with inspiration!

  157. I would love to win this wonderful give-away – Love, love, love your work – I have been looking for new projects to jump-start my creativity in this area … Thanks for the opportunity and the inspiration!

  158. I would love to see this magazine. I am always looking for inspiration 🙂

  159. Oh, those magazines provide so many wonderful ideas for creative exploration and so much inspiration for those “stuck” moments – I waaaaaaant them!
    And, just looking at that beach journal is making me long for long relaxing days seaside – I have seaSTARS in my eyes.
    Oh, how I need a vacation! I can’t get away but these prises would surely be quite a consolation!!!

  160. I have been following your work in a few of the Somerset magazines and I would be honored to receive this wonderful collection. Thanks for allowing all of us the opportunity!

  161. This would make my day because I love mixed media and art journaling! I would “squee” all the way home! lol! I also want to take your class at Art and Soul, Hampton.

    Thanks for the chance to win.

    Mary Dean

  162. wow! I love your art! I think I could learn a lot from you.

  163. Wow! I am so intrigued by your work and the Somerset style. I’m learning so much here. Fingers crossed that you’ll draw my name out of your hat.

  164. Oh my gosh the journal is fabulous. I can imagine myself having lunch in the park by the lake and drawing ideas or writing my thoughts. That would be the most fabulous for me, although having a bunch of amazing magazines to read and be inspired by on my bedstand would be awesome too.

  165. Your journal is fantastic and such a generous gift to share. I would feel incredibly lucky to win such an inspirational gift.

  166. Wow, I would not ordinarily go for these give-aways, but this is one that I just must give myself a chance for! I rarely win anything, so I’m not holding my breath. I’d be so thrilled to have this though. I’ve been filling a little journal and this would be the best next step for journaling.

  167. You are such an inspiration… I’d love to set under the tree and admire all your work! Thanks for the offer… you’re so generous!

  168. Who wouldn’t want to win this beautiful journal? I’m just beginning to paint after years of wanting to, and can use all of the inspiration and guidance I can get! Thanks for putting me in the drawing!

  169. Oh, goodness. Just getting mail makes my day, and when it’s beautiful and inspiring artsy stuff? Even better!

  170. I would LOVE your work in magazine form! When one can’t possess the actual items, have SS magazines featuring your work would be fabulous! Perusing through creative filled magazines brings so much inspiration! These would be such a treasure! I hope I’m hot enough to win these!

  171. Congratulations and thanks for such a fun blog contest. I would love to win your generous and exciting prizes.

  172. iamimaginingwinningthisbloggiveaway

  173. I love your pieces and I have seen you in these
    magazines before. I would love to receive your package of goodies. I have just started a small art group and we will be following you. Your work opens up my ideas to endless possibilities!

  174. I’m not familiar with your work so this package would be a great start! Off to check on your new mapping book. Justine

  175. Summer right now is too busy to allow creative activity, but there are always a few minutes here and there in which to leaf through such magazines and be inspired.

  176. It would make my day to win…I can see myself curling up on my sofa and reading all your articles in Somerset Studio magazines! And I’m just starting to journal, so I’d be honored to win one of yours! Thanks for a super giveaway

  177. Thank you for the opportunity to win your give aways. Love your blog.

  178. Spectacular giveaway. It is my dream to have Stampington Magazine deliver every issue they publish to my house. *sigh*

  179. Thanks for participating so generously in this giveaway.

    The prize of such a great collection of magazines with your work in them would provide a great reference source of inspiration. And the beautiful journal-something to carry and record more sources of inspiration!

  180. Winning this would make my day because a new journal is always the perfect way to make a day better. Add in Somerset Studio and you have an inspiration party!

  181. H-appy O-verjoyed T-hrilled! That’s what HOT and that’s what I’d be! : )
    Thanks for the generous offer.

  182. ooo, the beach journal, too? Yes, that would make it a nice bunch of goodies to win. Thanks for the chance. I’m feeling lucky!

  183. Jill, wow what a tremendous giveaway! Following yur blog this year has been so inspiring and I feel like i have gotten to know all of you blog sponsors. Thanks for sharing your art with of us. Happy creating, Barb

  184. Wow, that journal is amazing! Would love to win.

  185. Well, for one, your painted journal is absolutely beautiful! I once bought a Somerset Studio some years ago and enjoyed it, but I have to draw the line somewhere with spending so much money on magazines! It would be nice to see some more issues of this nice magazine. Thanks for the offer, Jill!

  186. I love Somerset magazines … usually I am only drooling over them at Barnes and Noble though. Would love to win some!

  187. Please enter me in the drawing. I’ve actually never seen an issue of Somerset but would love to win some and find out what I’ve been missing. After years of longing to bring art back into my live, I’ve just redone the tiny guest bedroom into a studio and gotten it organized. If I win the beach journal, I will use it for another long held dream … to go to the beach and do art. Thanks so much!

  188. I would love to win this! I have been getting into watercolor sketching and love it, and since I live a mile from the Pacific, the journal would be perfect for me! I’m crossing my fingers.

  189. It’s only through Artsparks that I came across your blog. Your previous post on your painted papers is more than enough a reason for me to win your lovely gifts. They are so colorful and stunning. I would definitely love to learn new techniques from gifted people like you.

  190. I would love to win this for a pick me up at the moment. I have had 12 weeks of sick children and family and I have also lost my motivation in my studio. It would be greta to have something to inspire me again and to refresh me after such a long haul!

  191. Jill,
    Love Somerset Studios and would so enjoy the back copies that you have been in. I don’t subscribe, so chances are I don’t have them. Thanks.

  192. What a fabulous prize package!

  193. I love that journal, and I’m curious about how it was put together – it looks like the cover has an inverse fold where the ribbon goes – I may have to poke about and see if you mention somewhere on your blog how you made it (I wandered over from the Sketchbook Challenge website). 🙂

  194. Thanks for the opportunity to win some artful magazines showcasing some of your work. I love your blog and the classes you teach.

  195. I have yet to open the pages of a SummerSet Studio magazine, simply because they are not readily available where I live. I would love to look at your work more closely. Do count me in!

  196. I would love to win this package because I have been bored out of my skull- there is a three week (unpaid) break between my day care center’s summer and school program. I need some inspiration to make stuff =) Thanks for hosting the giveaway! Congrats on getting published (AGAIN!)

  197. Hi Jill, It would make my day to win your give away. I love seeing your journal pages and art ideas–you are an inspiration. I do not subscribe to the Sommerset magazine so it would be fab to get to see those and I love new journals–very generous of you and all the artspark artists.

  198. Wow! What a great prize pack! I know the magazines would be inspirational! The journal would be a great thing to take along in the beach theme tote that I made…it has dimensional seaweed, applique fish, free motion quilting and a great water print. Love your work and all the inspiration that the Art Spark group provides! Thanks!

  199. Oh!! it ALWAYS makes my day to get mail!!! Especially, something this beautiful!! Have had a rough summer……….would love the boost! xoxo

  200. Wow you have a wonderful prize and the why I would love to win it is because frankly I need a apark or something to kick me back in gear. I have hit a plateau that I cannot seem tomove over. I do not get magazines right now and they use to give me such inspiration but anyway thanks for a chance to win…

  201. I found you today from The Sketchbook Challenge. What a generous giveaway!!! Wow! I would love to win. As a new mixed media artist and blogger, the opportunity to have some Somerset Studio magazines (with YOUR work in them also) would be a dream. I just recently seen the magazine and to have these back issues would really teach and inspire me! Thank you for this opportunity.

  202. I’d love to win these goodies! Is there any more beautiful magagzine than those of Somerset? I could sit and stare at the beautiful art for hours…in fact, I do! lol…Good luck to everyone who enters.

  203. That beach journal is divine. Best not send it to me; I would be too busy staring at it to get anything done 😉

  204. I love Somerset Studio! It’s wonderful that you have had work in SO many issues. It would make my day to receive the issues because there is so much inspiration packed into every issue. Every time I go to get a subscription, I think of all the necessities my family needs so I settle for looking through the issues at the bookstores. I would love to own so many different issues. Thank you for such a great offer.

  205. Love the journal! Thanks for a chance to win it.

  206. Wow I would love to win your giveaway. I have loved all of the somerset magazines. I am on a tight budget so I just can’t bring myself to purchase them. My big treat is when I go visit my great aunt a couple times a year I spend days going over all of her somerset magazines.
    Love all of your artwork too so inspiring!

  207. I have treasured every copy of a Somerset magazine I have purchased. I am just beginning my journey to learn multimedia art techniques. I would love to have the publications with your articles. I need all the helpful direction I can get until I am able to find my own style.

  208. I would love to win this package for my daughter, she is an aspiring artist and avid reader. She would be so happy if I gave this to her, she really does deserve it. This would motivate her artistic pursuits, and it’ll motivate her to read more. Thanks for the opportunity.

  209. What a delight to learn from such a talented artist as yourself. It would make my day to win the Sommerset Studio magazine and beach journal because I just got back from a beach camping vacation and I have plenty to journal about. That would be a great end to a perfect vacation! Thank you =)

  210. I would love to win this prize and be inspired by all your lovely work!

  211. Hi there,
    This would not only make my day, it would make my year! I live in a small town in Alberta Canada and of course no craft store to be had, I love sommerset magazine and of course your art work is incredible and inspiring. Thanx for this opportunity.

  212. Why would I like to win your goodies? Why wouldn’t I? I am amazed at how creative journalling is. A whole new world has opened up to me now I am retired from teaching science. Thank you for just encouraging us to try and to have a go – a new me.

  213. What a generous prize package! It’s been so long since I’ve had my hands on an issue of Sommerset magazine. I love that there is inspiration on every page!

  214. I would love to win your prize – in order to give (most of) it away to a very talented teenager.

    She is studying art and textiles at school and I’m sure she would be completely inspired!

    Thanks for organising this give-away, it has given me an opportunity to find Blogs I didn’t know where out there!

  215. I’m going to a funeral today which is a very sad and stressful event so it would be nice to add some positivity to today by winning your prizes. I would particularly love the Somerset Studio magazines as they’re not easily available in the UK but I really like Altered Couture and Quilting Arts which I have managed to get so I bet I would enjoy these too.

  216. Wow, receiving this package would make my day because I’ve rarely ever laid my hands on any copies of the magazine, I’m in Western Australia, and that journal is totally gorgeous. The cover would suit me totally as I was born and raised near the beach. It’s a place I return to again and again in themes in my writing and art. Just adore the painted cover. Hope I can enter as I’m international. Thanks for the chance to enter. 😉

  217. Thank you for doing this giveaway! Your package would make my day because I would LOVE to receive one of your handmade journals. Also, I have heard such good things about Somerset magazines, but I’ve never actually seen a copy. They aren’t available locally, and I’m reluctant to mail-order a magazine before I’ve seen one.

  218. Art makes me happy, and I always appreciate inspiration.

  219. I would like to win one of the prizes because I really like your style and I think it could be inspiring! 🙂

  220. I want to win because I use everything I win/learn/try/make to teach others with life altering medical conditions how to do it too for health & wellness. “And that’s the truth!”

  221. Nothing like a cool beach scene to ease the hot flashes! We are in the dog days of summer and I am beat – a colorful pickmeup would be just what I need to jumpstart my creativity again!


  222. good morning dear friend,
    i am so profoundly happy for you jill. you have a generous heart that encourages everyone around you.
    i am writing to simply thank you for your friendship and station in my heart.
    we did not have our “table” in august together, yet from that auspicious placement years ago have a deep regard and ever present love for each other.
    how blessed are we!

  223. I can’t believe all the hits you have. I love art journaling and I’m learning there are millions of other people who do as well. I like collecting things other people make and love to share the things I make also. I live near the beach too and like the feeling of having that side “open” and not being landlocked.

    P.S. Your stamped journal pages are insiring.

  224. What a great giveaway! I would love to win so I could try my hand at art journaling.

  225. I love the beach, and I love the beachy look of the journal! I also love Somerset publications! Thanks for having such an excellent give-away!

  226. Hi Jill,

    Koi flow in languid
    waters. Be still, interpret
    their surface ripples.

    It would make my day because you inspire me to be creative every day.

  227. Congratulations on your success! I look forward to seeing more of your work – and for a chance to win : )

  228. I have long admired this magazine and would love all the inspiration.

  229. I would love the package because creative inspiration would surely follow!

  230. I have never seen a copy of this magazine but ooh it looks good. What a great giveaway. If I won my husband would love it because 1. I wouldn’t have bought it and 2. I would be quiet for days reading! lol
    Thank you for the opportunity.

  231. This wonderful prize is full of inspiration – I am new to these magazines and would be thrilled to have them. Also, your beach journal would be fantastic – I didn’t make it to the beach this summer – what a wonderful substitute.

  232. I have been making art journal kits for my grandchildren’s birthdays this year. I am telling them to add color and stuff to their thoughts.
    I am always looking for inspiration. Thanks for doing what you are doing…

  233. What a fun tour and your stop along the way gives me a chance at new-to-me art!


  234. Your beach journal alone would be a true treasure! The mags with your work is a bonus. What a special giveaway!

  235. Love your work Jill!!

  236. A package like that would totally make my day because it would come at a time when our family is going through a lot of changes, and I’ve had my nose to the grindstone all summer writing curriculum…it would be dreamy to take some time for myself, to do some art…to play a little…

  237. oh my goodness I cannot imagine who would not think winning this package would be the highlight of their week! I have been in an unemployed slump, not buying any new magazines or supplies for 3 months and while it has been nice using what i have, rereading, etc. it would be delightful to see these mags and receive the beautiful beach journal. No ocean here in ND, nothing like the mighty Pacific I grew up with. Very interested in your painted papers. I have been painting on everything I can find since I have been out of watercolor paper and it has been a learning experience. almost ready to make some handmade papers. Maybe that will be my project today. got lots of junk mail, some fibers and maybe a few watercolors that just are needing to be repurposed. ;D

  238. I’m a big fan of Somerset Studio magazines and would love to win your beach journal to top off this fabulous summer!

  239. I would love this package because I am just starting my journey into creativity and blogging and I was inspired to jump in by finding some Somerset publications at Barnes & Noble and discovering this world I knew nothing about.

  240. What would make my day? Reading your blog and blogs of your Artsparks family. But….It would make my YEAR to win your fabulous prizes! I mean, what’s not to love about your Beach Journal and all of the other wonderful treasures you offer?!

  241. I would love this package because I am in need of creative inspiration. I have been trying to just play and create but always feel so stuck.
    Thank you for the giveaway!


  243. Love Somerset Studio magazines – Always so inspiring. Would love to win those and especially your beach journal – would keep me going with the sketching and journaling.
    Thanks for this great giveaway offer!

  244. I would love a chance to win! What a beautiful journal!

  245. Hi Jill – Please enter me in the drawing. Loving all the inspiration on the Sketchbook Challenge. Thanks!

  246. How cool, would love to see the Article for free, your stuff is very nice.

  247. Jill, you are so generous, what a lovely giveaway!
    You are also so talented- and giving with your time, as evidenced in the Sketchbook Challenge (which I am LOVING, by the way!)
    Thanks so much and have a great day!

  248. Why would it make my day? Because I LOVE your work. I can’t wait for your book to come out :)I’ve preordered it 🙂

  249. I WOULd love to win your giveaway because not only have i always admired your work, read your blog and beein inspired by your work but I am never lucky enough to win anything so this would be a first to mot only make my day, but my week, month and year!!

  250. I used to read many of the magazines for inspiration and ideas. Then life got in the way and time was not available. Now I’m retired and ready to be inspired again. I’ve recently learned a woven binding for books and found my marbled papers from years ago to use as a cover. It’s time to create more. Thanks for your wonderful ideas.

  251. I am excited about the magazine because the only local bookstore that carried that mag is now closed. And I live near the beach so…beach journal!!

  252. It would be brill to win, pick me, me, me, me

  253. I think your work is fantastic, so inspire me by picking me for the prize package.

  254. Great to read for inspiration while staying in the AC and nursing a baby….dreaming of pre-mommy beach vacations. 🙂

  255. I am an art teacher and am constantly looking for inspiration for both my students work and my own. What a great giveaway – thanks so much!

  256. This is exciting Jill, I would love to peruse each and every one of the magazines.. They always get my creative juices running.
    I appreciate, that so many gifted artists are willing to share, it is like getting a special hug each day… thank you,, vivian

  257. Hi Jill! What a wonderful giveaway! It would totally make my day to win this because I am just soaking up as much inspiration as I can lately, and your work is awesome! Thanks and good luck to everyone!

  258. Thanks for the chance to win these magazines. I have been a quilter for years but have never ventured into painting, mixed media side of things. I love the textures! I need the inspiration and instruction to get me to make the first project. Thanks again.

  259. Wonderful give away. I hesitate to start my hobby list with reading, but well,I do luv to read. Somerset is a great source of inspiration and a beach journal a great place to jot down the bursts of excitement.

  260. It would make my day! I have had a bad July and August with a bad sprained ankle which led to a blood clot, and I have not been able to do much of anything. I love art journaling and art quilting, and would appreciate all your magazine features! Congrats on being featured.

  261. You have unblocked me and this would allow me to completely soar to my upper creativity.

  262. It has been a long, busy summer- and my muse needs to get kickstarted! Your giveaway would be perfect!

  263. Getting this package would blow my mind. Seriously! 🙂 I always hear such great stuff about these magazines but I can’t get any in my country. It would be awesome to win. Thanks for the chance. 🙂

  264. Your give away is great 🙂
    This will give me more creative ideas of what to make – and it will inspire me a lot. Since my doughter live home next week this will fill some of my free time quilting 🙂
    Wich you a kreative week.

  265. I would so love to win this package of inspiration! I would particularly like to learn how to be “free” (that is, not worried about the results, not concerned about ruining a piece of watercolor paper!) to paint papers such as you do and then to use them for fun projects. Your beach journal looks so colorful and just gorgeous! I am going to the beach for vacation this coming Saturday, in fact, and I am thinking about taking some supplies and giving it a try anyway. Put my name in the hat – I’ll be so grateful (and happy!) if I happen to win! Thanks for offering such a great giveaway. And now I have your site bookmarked to check out often!

  266. Those magazines–and your work–would be a great inspiration. And winning would definitely make my day because, with all these comments, it would be totally unexpected.

  267. Thanks so much for the inspiration and encouragement you provide through your blog. I’d love to win because I love winning unexpected prizes :-). Winning something feels like life is shining up me and encouraging me to follow my artistic heart.j

  268. Jill ~ always inspired by your wonderful maps and would love to win so I’d more of your art in my hands and I could squint at it up close and discover all your artistic secrets. 🙂

  269. I go to the sea to breathe! I loved your post about California as I spent some younger years there and still love to go to the beach. I love your beach journal and would love to use it for journaling and recording my inspirations.

  270. Love that journal! Both Barnes and Nobles and Borders have closed, so I don’t even have a bookstore to peruse the art magazines anymore.

  271. The likelihood of winning is about as high as getting an income, finding that fabulous job with perks and benefits and great holidays. All the same, the publications would be fantastic source of inspirations and make my ten years.

  272. Jill I’d like to be ‘in it .. to win it’ with everyone else here. My creative spirit is waning and a package full of inspiration goodies would certainly be a fun-filled-day to look forward to.

  273. Goodness, why would it not make my day? I love crafting, looking at other people’s masterpieces and processes. I spend a lot of time in the library devouring creative books, so these prizes would be a real treat for me!

  274. Jill, Your package looks great and I would love a chance to win. Your work is so inspiring! ~Denise

  275. Winning this package would make my day because I love all the Somerset magazines but can rarely afford one. When I can, one is a treat. 7 of them would be like Christmas!

  276. Winning would make my day because this is my birthday week and nothing better do I like than reading about artist’s inspiration and techniques. Thank you for this opportunity!

  277. I would love to win this because I would love to have that beach journal! The whole package sounds great. Thanks for the chance to win!

  278. Just winning would make my day!! And your giveaway sounds great-a pile of magazines, a journal made by you and other goodies!! Sounds like the makings of a nice, relaxing weekend! Thanks!!

  279. Winning your prize would make my day because I love that journal and more than that I just love surprises.

  280. I’d love this because surprises are wonderful journaling prompts! Thanks for doing this.

  281. I am very inspired by your comments and your work, not to be copied, but to birth new art in others and that is why I need the freebie!

  282. Oh wow, what fun inspiration this package would be for both my high school art students and myself! I am always on the lookout for mags with great tutorials/photos, but, alas there are very limited outlets for such in our isolated rural area. 🙁 Thank goodness for great blogs!

  283. Hi There Jill..Im new and just found this..I cant believe I just made it in time for the giveaway..This is a wonderful feast of creative items…just subscribed to your blog…Im crossing my fingers..!

  284. Hello Jill: I would love the giveaway because
    I just love your journal and the magazines
    are a guilty pleasure of mine….thank you

  285. Thanks for the giveaway! I love to get presents and they always, always make my day! This was easy. Happy Thursday, Joanie

  286. I hate to admit it, but I’m stuck, blocked, dulled out. I need a whiff of inspiration, a boost of confidence, a jolt of creativity, and a colorful surprise in my mailbox!

  287. I would LOVE to win this package. I am just starting out as an art journalist and I need inspiration. I love your work and I know I would spend hours pouring through the magazines.

  288. Thank you for your generous giveaways.
    I love to read the magazine and find ideas.
    The creativity, the colours and the techniques are inspiring.

  289. oh, wow, jill. i am devouring your blog. and this prize pack…7, no 8 issues of somerset magazine?! why would that make my day. i own ONE somerset magazine, b/c i won it a few months ago. i cannot afford them. i have treasure that magazine, reading it over and over. i am a sahm, with 4 young children, struggling to become the artist i *know* i am called to be. you can’t even begin to imagine how this would brighten my life right now.

  290. For me, the cover of your beach journal encourages freedom to express from the heart. It’s inspiring; and having this little booklet will remind me I need to nudge my grey matter aside and allow the creative me flow. I do so hope I’m the one. Thank you.

  291. For me, the cover of your beach journal encourages freedom to express from the heart. It’s inspiring; and having this little booklet will remind me I need to nudge my grey matter aside and allow the creative me flow. I’m not familiar with Somerset, but I’m sure that will be inspiring as well. I do so hope I’m the one. Thank you.

  292. love to win mags from Somerset Studio – your work is inspirational!

  293. J’aimerais beaucoup le gagner. J’habite en France (I live in France)

  294. Winning would make my day because I need to jazz up my routine, and it looks like you have some new ideas.

  295. I love your work. Your style is unique and inspirational. I have been in a creative slump. To win would get me going again. Thanks

  296. What a wonderful package to win!!! And a real bonus with your beach journal!

  297. Love your work! It would be wonderful to have the magazines so I could look at your art whenever the mood strikes!
    Anne Jones

  298. Winning this HOT prize would make MY day, week, month, year, LIFE!!! I am not working, and cannot afford to purchase those utterly delicious, inspiring, creative magazines such as SS. OH how I would LOVE this!!!! And to receive your little booklet would be the icing on the cake. FINGERS CROSSED…….!!!

  299. I would Love to win this prize!!! Love your work!

    So being out of work limits what I can purchase for enjoyment, that said, the inspiration to create, the creative minds that create the works, and the beauty of being able to view these when I wish would be heaven.

    That it would be wonderful to win is an understatement, it would be sweet 🙂

  300. I just try…… and do love your work, and your philosophy.

  301. Winning would make my day mostly because your beach journal looks so lovely, but I would also love to read the magazines and the surprises…well I love surprises!

    Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  302. What a treasure chest of ideas you are offering. I am soooo in the mood for some new inspiration — it would be a real treat to settle down with them to read!!

  303. wow, so many comments. good luck to us all. thanks for the opportunity to win!!!

  304. I love Somerset magazines, but find it impossible to purchase all that I find interesting. Would love to win these and have the opportunity to see some I haven’t already read.

  305. Seeing other artist works is always a creative inspiration. I am always eager for opportunities to discover new techniques and ways of expression. I have only begun to explore the art blogosphere. I am in awe and greatly inspired by the numbers of sights. Yours included! As for the give away. Who doesn’t love a pkg in the mail filled with surprises!? New magazines! I definitely would!!

  306. I feel the luck oozing out of me. I know that these techniques would jingle my creativity.

  307. OMG I love the Somerset Magazines and that Beach Journal is so lovely. They are just 2 of the reasons I would love to win this prize.

  308. Winning these magazines would make my day. I have clinical depression and creating art is one of the only things that always makes me feel a little bit better. Art is so therapeutic and an important part of treating my depression.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  309. I have never seen these magazines for sale in my community and would love to read them.

  310. If this is a duplicate post, it’s unintentional, I thought I posted before but can’t find it! I would love to have these Somerset magazines with your work in them, Jill, because I enjoyed meeting you at Journalfest last year and greatly admire your talent.

  311. Anyone would have their day made if they won these magazines and journal. Your work is beautiful.I just started painting ad seeing your work inspires me. Thank you for a chance to win.

  312. I LOVE that journal! It’s absolutely gorgeous!

  313. WoW1 This is a great giveaway. I love your book. Its very inspiring.

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