A Week in Heaven

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Two weeks ago I drove to Taos, New Mexico to teach a week long class called “the Luminous Landscape”. Ten of us filled up a large house by the Taos Plaza, right in the heart of it, and used the studio of Dinah Worman to work in. Dinah also owned the house we rented, and it was filled with her paintings and fanciful interior design work.

The first night we sat outside and watched the Super Moon.

We each made a journal, and polymer clay charms to hang on the spines.

We spent the week working with the idea of landscape, how is it lit by the sun or moon, how the line of the mountains that surround Taos undulate along the horizon.

We copied paintings using art tissue we painted, and added touches of paint over that.

One sparkling blue day we went on a field trip, to St. Francis of Asis. Not Assisi, but as Lisa said “As is”.

We sat around the table at night and journaled more.

The dinners were divine. Pam did most of the cooking, and she is darned good at it. Check out her foody blog here.

This was a very funny group. One conversation we had was about odd facts about ourselves. Kay does not like to turn left. I don’t like buttons that don’t button.

We laughed, a lot. In fact, one night I laughed so hard I cried, and then went on and on. That was the night I was presented with this thoughtful, thoughtful gift: a bowl made of buttons.

A bowl made of buttons

There was another special gift, that I attached to the front of my journal, along with my creepy girl button I made for each of the participants.

Tilt it and you get this.

It was a week of impressive work, fun, deliciousness and sumptuousness, on every level. A week that makes me so, so grateful.

On the way home I came upon a herd of wild horses. This one kept her eye on me.

Here is the rest, all the beauty of the people who showed up, the house, the landscape. Impressive, all around. Thank you Becky, Kay, Carol, Corky, Lisa, Mary Ann, Pam, Pamela and Sarah.


  1. One of the best times and experiences I can remember. Thanks Jill for a great time.

  2. Thanks for sharing. Those moon pics are incredible and what a wonderful journey.

  3. that button bowl is too cool!

  4. I love your bowl made of buttons – it is great 🙂

  5. wow! beautiful moon, beautiful weather, beautiful house…beautiful teacher, beautiful students…I’d say a good time was had by all…

  6. perfect heaven!!
    thanks for including us all in your wings!

  7. I used to follow you on FB before I cancelled my account, so I must contact you this way, but I just HAD to tell you that a bunch of my peeps just got back from Artfest and the ones who were your students just loved you and the ones who weren’t this time but have been in the past just LOVE YOU.

    I’m so jealous of course, because I loved you without even taking one of your classes!…


  8. Jill,

    What an incredible time you and your students had in Taos! The artwork is fabulous! I love the tissue paper paintings! What gorgeous books too! Also, congrats on the cover of your book. Can’t wait to see the real thing in my hands.


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