Taos, March 2011, The Luminous Landscape

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Please join the most raucous, talented group you can imagine in the high desert of New Mexico for a week of painting, books, abstract landscape and surprises. We are going to be a group of ten or eleven, so we only need a couple more to join us. This is a last minute thing, to replace the class I had to cancel in Taos last summer. I love Taos, and taught for the Taos Institute of Art before it folded a few years ago, then for a couple of years after that I had classes with a friend in the summer. Now it is spring, and we are holding the class here:

The house has a hot tub and hopefully not this much snow. We have some interpretive dancers and a lute player that have volunteered their services for evening entertainment.

The workshop will be five days, with a few days on your own for field trips. Seven nights lodging. We are still working that out, but each night will depend on the room and will be anywhere from $50-100 per night. More likely a median, details to come. We will be doing some communal cooking and some dining out, depending upon your preference.

Workshop fee $625       This includes five days instruction, some supplies. Focusing on the landscape, we will do painting, drawing and books, with charm-making and some metal work to adorn our covers.

Lodging $350-700 ( sorted out within the week) There are rooms with twins, queens and kings. See the floor plans here. There will be a slight increase in room prices (not over $100 per night) for a single room.

Email me here if you would like to join us, or click on this for a registration form.
Taos 2011 Regist



  1. Wow Jill! Wish I had the cash to join you…LOVE Taos, what a wonderful way to spend a week!

  2. What I would give to join you! Unfortunately- vacation time is pretty set in schools, and March isn’t it. I love New Mexico and would love to make art with you!

  3. Wish I could go. Don’t have the $ now.

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