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Arugula, red pepper, Brie and red potato pizza with whole grain crust.

Arugula, red pepper, Brie and red potato pizza with whole grain crust.

This week has been fabulously textured. We have been cooking, and eating great food. I have actually left my house for social events, and made great headway on my book. The highlight of the week was connecting with the Hallberg Family. You can read that story here. You need to read the comments, towards the bottom. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience connecting with them.

We had sushi night on the deck, it turned out great. Salmon, Ahi, avocado, cucumber, carrots, wasabi and saki. Yum.

Melinda looks skeptical, but the sushi was great.

Melinda looks skeptical, but the sushi was great.

I had the perfect cup of coffee at OZO coffee in Boulder. It tastes better when it is so pretty.

the perfect cup of coffee

On Saturday I did what every housewife in America should do. I went to the Roller Derby with 13 other wild women.


I have to say that the Roller Derby is a distant cousin to its bawdy original. The women were not bursting out of their clothes, and they kept their non-manicured hands to themselves. The only similarities to the original experience were the names. My favorites were Dharma Gedden and Kimmy Kimmy Bang Bang. They were polite, nearly, and it was hilarious how jumpy our crowd was to stir things up.

We had regulars sitting behind us, so they explained what was going on, not that our ladies cared much. We were loud and happy.

My MugI have been playing with the Toy Camera app on my iPhone, which I can tell may be turning dangerously toward an addiction. This is the colorful me.

My studio is a train wreck, and I am busy making art for my book, which is a big secret. The first deadline is coming up, and I am trying not to be nervous.

Writing this I realize how much happened here in the last seven days, and yet it seemed so much slower than it usually is around here. What does that say about my life????

Tonight I am going to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science to see Body Worlds. It is artists sketch night, and I am going with my friend Helen. It creeps me out, but that is why I am going, to keep myself perked up. Will post my sketches later, along with the rest of my Artfest stuff, which I am way late in posting.

Today is a full fresh day just waiting to be addressed. Better get at it.

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