Tiny Canvas

Posted by on Mar 21, 2010 in My Work, What I am up to | 2 comments

Painting 4″ square canvases is fun, more so than I would have thought. Last week I finished up “SKY” and “ART”.

SKYARTNow I am working on a tiny map of Port Townsend, where Artfest is held. Might get it done in time for Vendor’s night. Mostly I am making maps because I love to do it, to pinpoint my place in the world. I am not on this map, but am just southwest of the X.

PT map

The sun has gone in and out of the clouds all day. My agenda for the day has been satisfyingly accomplished, and I have hours to go! It was productive and peaceful here in the Oyster Bay Cottage. Looking forward tot eh sunset, and the high tide rising.


  1. Love the canvases, Jill. They are really fun to look and pick out details. I hope you are enjoying your peace respite.

  2. Your map is wonderful! You look inspired!

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