Ann’s Birthday Giveaway, and Valley Ridge

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Today I am doing a blog giveaway for the very first time. The occasion is Ann Van Tassell’s birthday, and I intend to do what she would do, and that is send off boxes of goodies to fun people. The boxes are filled with my papers, games, trinkets, goodies for the mixed media artist or artist wannabe.

Here are the rules.

You post a comment, I put your name in the hat.

You post a link on your blog to mine, and I put your name in the hat 5 times.

At the end of today I will draw two names and those two will get the boxes.

Happy Ann’s Birthday!

Other good news is that I have been lucky to be chosen to teach at Valley Ridge Art Studio next September. Sign ups start soon so I thought I would explain just what we will be doing there. For starters, it will be Labor Day weekend, so there has to be a picnic. For the picnic, I will be providing maps for all attendees, Bill will be cooking. The class is about creating a bevy of books and a bookshelf, from a vintage volume for children that is actually called the “Bookshelf for Boys and Girls”. Here is the bookshelf, with the cover as the roof. I will be providing the books and the parts and you will put them together, something like this.

BookhouseemptyThen we will take the book pages, find stories in them, and repurpose them into small books, like this.

BBH1and this

BBH2I have patterns for many, many books, and we will match those patterns to the flavor of the story inside, so that the form matches the content. Pretty soon your house will look like this.


This idea came from a project that was organized and curated by Alicia Bailey a few years ago. She gave a group of artists a book like this to alter for a show she put on. I was the last to get a book, and mine was not actually a book, just a cover and a stack of pages. I could not alter a book that was not a book, so I ended up doing just this. My book house ended up with 17 books inside it, and it was purchased by the Denver Public Library, and is on my website should you care to check it out. Kathy saw it on the website, and asked me to do this class for Valley Ridge. Well, Kathy gets what Kathy wants, so here we go! This is the one and only time I will teach it, so come on down!

Happy, happy birthday in Heaven Ann. I am thinking of you.


  1. jill,

    congratulations on teaching at valley ridge!!


  2. What a wonderful way to honor Ann!

  3. I think you’ve outdone yourself on this class, Jill! And what a lovely way to honor your friend… 🙂

  4. Bless you, Jill! Your presence and your imagination make this world a better place. I so admire the way you celebrate people and causes. Ann would totally approve – she probably put the idea in that fertile mind of yours.
    love, m

  5. What a lovely idea to honor a beautiful personality!

  6. I just looked up Ann’s blog… get a sense of her. She sounded so upbeat in that July posting…..I’ll think of her today.

    As for Valley Ridge!…we’ll be there/the sisters-in-crime.

  7. That’s a great idea! I saw a pic of your tree house/book house and always thought it was a fantastic creation. The class looks great! Also, I’d already linked you on my blog site!


  8. I’m guessing heaven is a beautiful place to do a lot of art. And we get to see that gallery every day! What a great birthday celebration!

  9. Beautiful, beautiful–the books, the “memorial” giveaway. Get ready; the Sisters will be at your Valley Ridge class. We’ve got the sign-up day circled on our calendars.

  10. Oh JILL!!! This is marvelous. I am SO psyched that you’ll be teaching at Valley Ridge again – and this class TAKES THE CAKE. Just amazing. Bravo!!! 🙂

  11. What I fantastic books. I wish I could take part in one of your book making classes.

  12. Happy Ann’s Birthday – what a nice to do! I’m looking forward to seeing you again next year at Artfest.

    From last year’s next door neighbor.

  13. Excellent, Jill! I love those books! I’m gonna post to my blog right now, so put my name in that hat! and I would enjoy a playdate too.

  14. I so loved your map/geography workshop at Valley Ridge, and this book house looks like so much fun. I am so tempted, thinking…thinking…yes!

  15. What a great way to help celebrate Doodly Ann, I lite 8 candles and will let them burn out/down for her..5+3 representing her birthday years..she would have been 54 this one…

    Ohhhhhhhh drool over this package..those books of yours are just magic..

    Collene in Oz.

  16. You spoil me Jill. xo

    And Happy birthday to Ann.

  17. I love surprises… your books are nice, and I love to get surprises…. so pick my name.

  18. I thnk that this is a great idea for a altered book and shelf! Would also love to win your drawing!!

  19. Fabulous! A terrific tribute to Ann. I’m sure she is tickled!

  20. What a wonderful tribute to Ann! She was always one to use materials (as opposed to saving them) and send out art into the world. And I love your class project–just looking at it makes me want to go play.

  21. Happy thanksgiving to you and yours.

    love the book house idea

  22. I saw this workshop while browsing the net. Looks like such a fun project. What a generous giveaway to celebrate your friend’s birthday

  23. What a wonderful way to honor Ann. i only knew her thru cyberscribes- she was so nice to me. Sh e will be missed.

  24. Jill what a wonderful thing to do for AnnVT. If wishes were horses I would love to have met her in person, but we did email. I would love to have seen her book list!

    Hoping to have a blog up and running sometime in 2010 so things can go around more. And congratulations on your teaching gig in the coming fall. You have treasures galore…I lift a glass to “odd containers”.

  25. These books are simply awesome and a wonderful bit of morning inspiration.

  26. Lovely idea, Jill! A great way to remember Ann on her birthday, thank you.
    I saw a most unusual barn recently – & it was sitting on supports rather like those of your clever bookshelf, but the other way up – like mushrooms! It was a grain barn – an old English design – the only one of its kind in Tasmania, three stories high & made of wood; & the stone “mushrooms” were to keep the mice etc from getting in!

  27. Its a picnic on Labor Day…time to get out the grill!!!!

  28. I just love your house! And your class idea. I can’t make it to your September class, but I am just now studying the class offerings at Art Unraveled. Oh, decisions, decisions!

    Thanks for doing this giveaway!

    denny1600 at gmail dot com

  29. You’re right. This is a very Annish thing to do, and a lovely way to honor her memory!

  30. I WiSh I could attend your September class (or any class). I LovE your house.
    Any chance of instructions in exchange for a coptic stitch book or sketch book? Great inspiration.
    Your idea of celebrating Ann VT’s life on her bd is a wonderful tribute.
    Anne Atkinson
    Vancouver Island, BC

  31. That would have been right up Ann’s alley. Thanks for the touching memorial. I will link you on my blog today.


  32. Your books are amazing. I’ve added a link on my blog too. I’d love to enter your giveaway.

  33. Hi Jill,this is my lucky day already! Just went to Diana’s blog for the first time since reading her FABULOUS book Journal Spilling and I saw the link to you. I recognized your name from your published art-LOVE your books!! How cool to have a sister to art with!! Linda

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