"The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity."

Dorothy Parker

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Quasi-Crystal Stencil Giveaway!

Artistcellar has yet another new set of stencils and wants to give a set away! They are...

Sacred Hearts Winner

is Becky Massa! Congratulations Becky!

Young Minds and Maps

Recently I got an email from a teacher at Logan School in Denver. She had a student who...

Down Under, Week 1

Week one of 5 Weeks in Australia

Sacred Hearts, Fiery Love

Sacred Hearts winner is Becky Massa! Congratulations Becky!   It is my turn to use...

New Face on a Fireplace

Last winter I went to visit my sister Linden. Her house has this monolithic fireplace...

Inventing Goddesses again….

Bonnie Stahlecker was my first book arts teacher. We are trading goddesses, you can see...

Sea Fever

I am obsessed with the sea. This map is called  “Beach House” and it is...

Invent a Goddess

There are times we need support, and the spirits out there are just not specific enough....

Cartographic Poetry

I am lost, and I am found here on this map. It is a place I will go to, in a year or so....